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Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

An Ohio revocation of power of attorney form is a document used to revoke and cancel a power of attorney executed in the past. Although you can such a revocation orally, many consider it far wiser to have a definitive paper trail. This will help avoid any misinterpretations as to when the authority being discussed has been revoked and prove the principal’s intent. In addition to sending a copy to every concerned agent/attorney-in-fact, you should also make sure a copy of the revocation (and ideally the original power document it terminates) is successfully delivered to all other entities relying on the original power of attorney.

How to Write

1 – This Revocation Form Is Downloadable

You may open and download any of the three files presented through the “PDF,” “Word,” and “ODT” buttons on this page to access this paperwork. Most of the information that must be provided will need to be done so precisely as it appears on the original document so make sure to have a copy of the previous Power of Attorney being revoked here.

2 – Certain Information Must Be Supplied For This Paperwork To Apply

The Revocation presented here will contain several empty spaces throughout. Each empty space that calls for applicable information must be satisfied in order to properly fill out this form in an Effective manner. We shall begin satisfying such requirements by filling in the County where this Revocation is being issued using the blank line at the top left-hand corner of this page.

The first blank line under the heading “Revocation Of Power Of Attorney” should have the Principal’s Full Name reported as it appears on the original Power Document he or she is revoking here. Next, after the phrase “Whose Permanent Address Is,” supply the Principal’s Legal Residential Address as a Building Number, Street Name, Apartment or Suite Number, City, State, and Zip Code. Now, on the first available blank line after the term “Hereby Revoke And Render Void,” present the Legal Name of the Attorney-in-Fact or Agent whose Principal Power will be revoked and terminated when the Principal signs this paperwork. The report on the revoked Attorney-in-Fact’s Principal Powers must continue. Report the Address of the terminated Attorney-in-Fact on the next blank spaceThe final blank space in this first statement requires the year when the revoked paperwork was executed.

3 – The Principal Act Of Signing Is This Paperwork’s Final Requirement

The blank spaces in the last statement present three empty lines after the wording “…My Free Will Under No Legal Or Other Duress This…” The Principal must supply the current Date as a Two-Digit Calendar Day, Month, and Year using these spaces. The final blank space must be signed by the PrincipalThis Principal Signing must be notarized. Make sure to follow the Notary Public’s instructions so this task may be completed successfully.