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Oklahoma Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form

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Oklahoma Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

An Oklahoma minor child (parental) power of attorney form is a legal document that a parent may use to appoint another person to care for their child(ren). This paperwork will go into effect when the parent(s) are not unavailable and expect the agent to care for the concerned child(ren). The principal or parent will be able to use this document to deliver his or her full and/or specified permission for a temporary caregiver to make decisions for the children using the same authority the parent carries. This form may be revoked at any time in writing to the attorney in fact and the parent(s) may then resume full responsibility for their child(ren). Otherwise, the document is in force for up to one year. If more time will be required, a new document must be executed prior to the expiration date of the original.

How to Write

1 – Open Then Download The Necessary Paperwork To Appoint Guardian Powers

The required Oklahoma Statutory Form is easily obtainable through the labeled buttons placed with the preview image.

2 – Solidify The Concerned Child/Minor’s Identity as Well As That Of The Attorney-in-Fact

Enter the full name and date of birth of each child for which care will be provided (If an added sheet is required, continue the child(ren)’s information on a separate sheet and attach to the form. Enter the full legal name of the person chosen as Attorney in Fact to care for the child(ren) in absentia of the parent(s) on the blank line just above the label “(Full Name Of Attorney-in-Fact)” The next two blank spaces have been presented so the Complete Residential Address and up-to-date Telephone Number where the Attorney-in-Fact can be found.


4 – The Principal Must Formally Declare The Guardian Powers This Document Will Grant

If the Attorney-in-Fact may act with a broad scope of Powers, as defined in the third paragraph statement, the Principal will need to initial the blank line just after the label “3. Initial”

If preferred, the Principal can specifically Name what Principal Guardian Powers being bestowed upon the Attorney-in-Fact by initialing the fourth statement then supplying a description of such Powers on the blank lines provided in this item.

5 – The Start And Termination Of These Powers Must Be Declared By The Principal.

The Parent/Current Guardian will need to determine when these Guardian Powers are in Effect and when they will terminate. This task should be handled in the fifth item. Use the two blank spaces following the word “…Beginning to enter the first Calendar Date when the Attorney-in-Fact may use Guardian Powers then use the two blank spaces after the term “…And Ending” to record the last Calendar Date when the Attorney-in-Fact will have access to Principal Guardian Powers over the child. Once these statements have been completed with the required information the Principal should initial the blank line at the beginning of it. The Principal must sign the blank line after the word “By.”

Next, the Attorney-in-Fact will need to provide assurance that he or she understands the gravity of this form and will accept the Principal Guardian Powers being appointed. First, use the area after the words “I Hereby Accept My Designation As Attorney-in-Fact For” to record the Full Name(s) of the Minor(s) who the Attorney-in-Fact will gain Guardian Powers over. The Attorney-in-Fact should sign his or her Name on the blank space above the parentheses label “(Attorney-in-Fact Signature)”

These signings must occur before a Notary Public so they may be properly notarized.