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Oregon Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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Oregon Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

An Oregon guardian of minor power of attorney form is a form that parents can use to designate an individual as the temporary guardian/caretaker of their children. This delegation of authority may only remain in effect for a maximum of six months. This life span is governed by the State of Oregon, thus an extended appointment is required to safeguard the child’s well-being, then an additional grant of power must be issued. When this paperwork is finalized, it will allow the caretaker to handle matters involving the children such as with the child’s doctor or with the child’s school while the parents are unavailable. Once this appointment is active the parent may rely on it to inform other parties of his or her approval for the caretaker’s actions, however, the parent will retain the right to terminate or revoke such approval at any time.

How to Write

1 – Download The Paperwork To Designate Guardian Authority

You may use this document to issue Guardian Powers over a Minor or Child to an Attorney-in-Fact. Download it and save a copy from this page. Select one of the buttons on this page (bearing the labels “PDF,” “Word,” and “ODT”

2 – The Child And Guardian Attorney-in-Fact Must Each Be Clearly Documented

Several lines have been supplied at the beginning of this template to document the Name and Birthday of up to three Children/Minors (labeled “Full Name Of Minor Child” and “Date Of Birth”) as being the charge(s) of the intended Guardian Attorney-in-Fact. If more Children/Minors are involved they’re Names and Birthdays should be continued on a separate sheet of paper and provided as an attachment or (if using an editing program) you can produce more lines on-screen. Once the above information has been furnished, locate the lines bearing the labels “Full Name Of Attorney-in-Fact” and “Street Address, City, State, And Zip Code Of Attorney-in-Fact.” Record the Full Name of the individual being assigned Guardian Powers over the Children/Minor(s)listed above then his or her Complete Residential Address on these two lines. Directly under the Guardian’s reported Name and Address, his or her Contact Information should be presented. Enter the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact’s Home Phone Number and Work Phone Number in the spaces provided.

3 – The Guardian Powers To Be Delegated Must Be Defined

Two checkbox paragraphs have been supplied to achieve the goal of defining the Guardian Powers being granted. Simply put if the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact is to have the same Authority over the Child as the Parent or issuing Guardian (without superseding such Power) then mark the first checkbox. If the intended Guardian will only be assigned a Limited Amount of Authority over the Child/Minor then, mark the second box and provide a detailed account of what the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact may do in the available space.

4 – Indicate The Principal’s Status And The Powers’ Period Of Effect

The Guardian Powers here are limited to six months from the Effective Date of this document and cannot be extended. The only exception allowed is for a Parent/Guardian who is in the U.S. Armed Forces who is called to Active Duty. If the Principal Parent/Guardian is not on Active Duty, then mark the first checkbox and present the first Calendar Date when the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact can act with Principal Authority and the last Calendar Date he or she may do so in the available spaces in this statement. If the Principal Parent/Guardian is going on or is on Active Duty with the U.S. Armed Forces, mark the second checkbox.

5 – The Principal Parent/Guardian And Guardian Attorney-in-Fact Must Execute This Form By Signature

The Principal Parent/Guardian must locate the blank line labeled “Parent/Legal Guardian Signature” then, sign his or her Name on it. Find the statement “I Hereby Accept My Designation As Attorney-in-Fact For” then, enter the Name of each Child/Minor involved in the space provided. The Guardian Attorney-in-Fact must sign his or her Name on the line below this statement to acknowledge and agree to it. The next page is the “Revocation Of Delegation Of Parental/Guardian Powers” template. This has been provided as a matter of convenience. The Parent/Guardian will reserve the right to terminate the Powers delivered to the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact at his or her discretion always.