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Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 735-500)

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Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 735-500)

Updated June 02, 2022

An Oregon motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 735-500) is the documentation required by the Oregon Department of Transportation Driver And Motor Vehicle Services to appoint an agent to make decisions about your vehicle on your behalf. Only the principal vehicle owner may sign and execute this document since he or she will accept the responsibility of his or her agent’s actions. Usually, a principal will issue this paperwork, so the Agent can physically appear at the Oregon DMV to handle the titling and registration of a vehicle on behalf of that vehicle’s owner.

This document will not be considered valid unless it has been fully completed then signed and dated by the principal vehicle owner.

How to Write

1 – A Downloadable Copy Of This Form

Locate the preview image then, use one of the buttons presented with it to open and save a copy of this appointment to your hard drive. While you may work on it onscreen with an appropriate editing program, it is generally recommended to save a copy for future use or in case you are interrupted

2 – Designate The Attorney-in-Fact And Identify The Vehicle

This form will present several labeled boxes that must have the requested information supplied. Begin by filling in the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name in the box labeled “Name Of Person Or Firm Appointed As Attorney” 

The table immediately below the heading “Description Of Vehicle” will present two rows so an account of the concerned Vehicle can be presented. Use the boxes in the first row to disclose the “Plate Number,” “Year,” “Make,” and “Body Style” of the Vehicle the Principal owner is granting the Attorney-in-Fact Principal Authority over.

Produce the Vehicle Identification Number and Title Number of this Vehicle in boxes furnished in the second row.

3 – The Principal Vehicle Owner Must Self Report Then Sign This Form

The Full Name of the Vehicle Owner should be printed in the third row

The fourth row of this table will only accept the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Signature and Signature Date

If there is a Joint Owner of the Vehicle, this entity must approve this document by Printing and Signing his or her Name in the boxes labeled “Name Of Joint Owner(Printed)” and “Signature Joint Owner” then recording the Date of Signature in  “Date”