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Pennsylvania Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Pennsylvania Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

Pennsylvania limited power of attorney form is a document that allows you to appoint a representative to represent you in a limited or temporary situation. It is meant to apply to a discrete transaction and to terminate when that transaction is completed. It is important that you are clear when you describe what you want your agent to do and for how long so there is no question as to what he or she is supposed to do. That is, all the principal directives described here must be clear.

The criteria you place for the use of principal power is only limited by the law itself. Thus, any conditions, time limits, or circumstances you wish applied to how, when, or why these principal powers are delegated should be set to paper in this document.  Once this paperwork has been signed by the principal, the agent will be expected to make sure his or her behavior is in accordance with its contents. The signed document may be revoked (terminated) at the discretion of the principal at any time but the contents of this document may not be changed.

How to Write

1 – The Appointment Template On This Page Is Downloadable At Your Discretion

This page will contain the preview picture, three buttons to choose from, and some basic instructions. Click on the PDF, ODT, or Word Button to obtain a copy in whichever format is compatible with your software or print a PDF from your browser.

2 – Some Valuable Information Must Be Physically Supplied To This Paperwork

The body of this document will seek several identifying facts for this situation. The first of which will be the Full Name and Address of the Principal. His or her Full Name should be placed on the first blank line while the Principal’s Address must be filled onto the second blank space.Next, it will be imperative to the proper use of this paperwork to identify the Agent. Supply his or her Name on the third blank space then his or her Address and Phone Number on the last blank line in this paragraph.The numbered lines in the center of this document have been placed there for a specific reason. Use these lines to fully define specifically what the Principal Authority the Principal is appointing the Agent named here. When satisfying this section, make sure that Principal Powers and the descriptions of this Power are spelled out very clearly and leave no room for assumptions or confusion. You may attach a separate document with a report on these Principal Powers if there is not enough room.

3 – The Principal Must Sign This Limited Power Delegation To Execute it

The Principal will need to be involved in the next phase of this document. Once all the information has been furnished accurately and the Principal has reviewed it to satisfaction, it may be executed. This execution may only be performed by the Principal and may only be done so after the Principal has entered the current Calendar Day, Month, and Year when he or she signs this form.The Principal must sign the blank line furnished below the Date to execute this paperwork.When the Principal signs his or her Name he or she must turn this paperwork over to the attending Notary Public. The area under the Principal’s Name will be tended to by the Notary.