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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated August 12, 2022

A Pennsylvania motor vehicle power of attorney form is a document you can use to appoint an agent to handle the administration of your vehicle with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This institution will allow agents to handle some of the paperwork for a principal’s vehicle such as applying, obtaining, duplicating, replacing or updating titles, registrations, etc. Ultimately the principal will need to provide proof of his or her authorization of the agent’s actions by submitting the template below. This document must be approved by the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Department before the agent attempts to act on the principal vehicle.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork On This Page Will Delegate Authority Over A Pennsylvania Vehicle

This document will enable a Principal to authorize a Representative or Attorney-in-Fact to perform Principal Actions with his or her Vehicle. To begin this process, download the form provided on this page below the preview image.

2 – Supply The Party Information In The First Paragraph

Present the full name of the Principal Vehicle Owner on the first blank line and the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact or Principal Agent on the second blank line.

3 – Attend To Some Requested Items

If an Electronic Address Update is required, then supply the last four digits of the Principal’s Social Security Number on the blank space labeled “Last 4 SS#.” This should be followed by the up-to-date Pennsylvania Street Address of the Principal on the blank space preceding the word “PA” and the Principal’s Zip Code on the blank line after the word “Zip.” If no Address update is required simply write the word “No” on these lines.If a Plate Transfer is involved write in the appropriate License Plate Number for the Vehicle on the first blank space after “Transfer Of Plate.” If there is no Transfer of Plates involved, write the word “None” on this line. Below this, identify the Vehicle being assigned to the Attorney-in-Fact’s responsibility by entering its “Make,” “Model,” “Year,” and “VIN” in the lines bearing these labels.

4 – Each Vehicle Owner Must Sign This Document

Next, each Principal Vehicle Owner must use the blank lines labeled “Owner,” “Co-Owner,” and “PA DL” to supply his or her Signature and Pennsylvania Driver’s License. A Notary Public must be present at the time of signing and fulfill the area below the words “Subscribed And Sworn To…” If there is a Lien on the vehicle, record the Lien Holder ELT# on the blank lines provided.