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South Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form

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South Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A South Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form should be utilized when you wish to approve an agent’s ability to represent you in specific matters while restrained from affecting other areas of your finances. As with other POAs, it allows you, as principal, to appoint another, as your agent, to represent you. You may be away for a short period of time where you need someone to handle your matters, or you may have a discreet transaction that you cannot attend, and you want another to sit in your place.

How to Write

1 – The South Carolina Document To Deliver Specific Principal Powers Should Be Downloaded

Make sure have the software required to open this document as one of the file types named on the buttons beneath the image on this page. Download the file your system is compatible with then open it to fill in the information it requests.

2 – Supplement The Language Used In This Template With Your Information

The content in this form will supply some standard language required for a delegation of specific Principal Powers. This structure will work for nearly any situation where this is required but some information will have to be provided for this document to be applied correctly. First, we will deal with the identities of the people involved with this appointment. Enter the First, Middle, and Last Name of the person appointing his or her Authority (the Principal) on the first blank line that precedes the label “Full Name.” Then record his or her Residential Address on the next empty line. Next, we will identify the person who will receive Principal Power and is expected to wield them when representing the Principal to Principal satisfaction. This entity is known as the Attorney-in-Fact. Name the Attorney-in-Fact by documenting his or her First, Middle, and Last Name on the third blank space of this paragraph. The Attorney-in-Fact will also need to be identified with his or her Contact Information. Enter the Attorney-in-Fact’s Residential Address and Telephone Number using the labeled areas (“Address” and “Phone”) of the fourth blank line. The Principal will need to detail the Authority he or she is delivering to the Attorney-in-Fact. The Attorney-in-Fact can be given the ability to make decisions, exercise judgment, act, or communicate on behalf of the Principal as if he or she were the Principal. Keep in mind that only actions reported on the numbered lines after the words “…Only The Following Acts On My Behalf.” This should be a complete report so if there is not enough room, you may continue on an attachment.

3 – To Appoint This Principal Power The Principal Must Sign His Or Her Name

The Principal will need to officially prove his or her intention of delivering the Authority detailed in this document to the individual named as the Attorney-in-Fact. To successfully accomplish this task, the Principal must declare the Calendar Day, Month Name, and Year of the day he or she signs this appointment utilizing the blank line in the sentence beginning with the two words “Signed This…”The Principal must then sign his or her Name on the blank line beneath this statement. The area beneath the title “State Of South Carolina” is reserved for the use of the Notary Public attending this signing. He or she will use this area to notarize this delegation.