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South Dakota Limited Power of Attorney Form

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South Dakota Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A South Dakota Limited Power of Attorney Form is intended to be used when a principal must elect a representative agent to handle a specific situation or circumstance. The agent’s principal powers may be limited in that they will expire immediately upon the completion of a project or task, may only allow the agent to perform one or two actions in the principal’s name, or automatically expire as of a particular date. The constraints placed upon when and how an agent can wield principal power is purely at the discretion of the principal issuing this paperwork and naming the agent as his or her representative. When filling out this paperwork, keep in mind that all the information you report must be up-to-date and accurate. Furthermore, make sure the principal directives that you define are clear and unambiguous. Once completed, there should be no question as to what an agent may do and when an agent may act when representing the principal.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork To Define And Deliver Limited Principal Powers Should Be Downloaded Here

The paperwork on this page will act as a delegation tool to deliver specific Principal Powers to an Agent. It should be downloaded through one of the buttons below the image then filled out and signed by the Principal.

2 – Supply The Template’s Structure With Accurate Information

The first paragraph of this page will present some blank areas where information must be provided. The first available area calls for the Principal’s Full Name. Supply this item on the blank line after the phrase “Be It Acknowledged That I…”The Principal’s Name will need to be followed with a report on the Principal’s Address of Residence. This should be filled with the second available blank line. The Address reported here should be composed of a Building Number, Street Name, Unit Number, City, State, and Zip Code. This paragraph shall continue to require the Name, Residential Address, and Telephone Number of the individual who will accept and use the Principal Powers that will be defined here. Two blank lines have been supplied for this purpose. Use the first space after “…Hereby Grant A Limited And SPecific Power Of Attorney To” as an area to Record the Attorney-in-Fact’s Full Name. The blank line that follows this space will be divided so the Attorney-in-Fact’s Residential Address and Contact Telephone Number can be presented in an organized manner.

3 – Deliver A Report On The Principal Decisions And Actions The Attorney-in-Fact Can Engage In

The Principal Powers delivered in this document will need to be described fully. There will be several blank lines where this can be achieved. This definition of Power should be specific in defining what actions the Attorney-in-Fact may take and what Decisions the Attorney-in-Fact can make on behalf of the Principal. If more room is required you may include an attachment with a continuation of this report.

4 – The Principal Must Sign His Or Her Name To The Completed Template Before A Notary PUblic

This paperwork will need to be signed by the Principal once it has been completed. A designated area has been presented for the Principal’s use. The last statement of this document will require the Signature Date entered across three blank spaces. Just below the last statement, the Principal’s designated Signature area will require his or her Signature on the blank lines labeled “Signature.” The Notary Public must use the area supplied under the Principal’s Signature line to Notarize the Execution of this document.