South Dakota Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Create an official, attorney-reviewed document

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Updated April 14, 2023

A South Dakota Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is used to document the selection of an agent to oversee the duties involving a property owner’s real property. Here, the agent will be provided with a written and executed declaration proving his or her right to make decisions and engage in actions on behalf of the principal.

Examples of activities the agent may engage in on behalf of the principal property owner include caring for, selling, closing, renting, or leasing the concerned property. Both the principal and the agent will have to be sure they are on the same page with what abilities will be at the agent’s disposal and how the principal wishes him or her to wield the authority being delegated here.

Once the document has been completed, all signatures must be witnessed by a notary public. The principal may revoke this document as they wish by placing the notice in writing and having it delivered to the agent.