Texas Medical Power of Attorney Form

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A Texas medical power of attorney allows a person to select someone else to make health decisions on their behalf. The principal can limit or give unrestricted powers to the agent to make any type of responsibility, including ending the principal’s life. Alternate agents may also be selected in the event the primary agent cannot perform.


(11) “Medical power of attorney” means a document delegating to an agent authority to make health care decisions executed or issued under Subchapter D.


  •  Signing Requirements – Two (2) witnesses or a notary public (Sec. 166.154). None of the following may act as a witness:
    1. The person you have designated as your agent;
    2. A person related to you by blood or marriage;
    3. A person entitled to any part of your estate after your death under a will or codicil executed by you or by operation of law;
    4. Your attending physician;
    5. An employee of your attending physician;
    6. An employee of a health care facility in which you are a patient if the employee is providing direct patient care to you or is an officer, director, partner, or business office employee of the health care facility or of any parent organization of the health care facility; or
    7. A person who, at the time this medical power of attorney is executed, has a claim against any part of your estate after your death.
  • Statutes§ 166.151 (Medical Power of Attorney)

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