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Texas Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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Texas Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Texas Power Of Attorney Revocation Form is a legal document used to terminate an existing power of attorney. If you have issued a previous power document that should no longer apply to the person you empowered with your authority or be honored by any additional entities then, you will need to issue an official termination of this power in writing. This paperwork should be issued regardless of why you want to terminate the current authority being used by the agent. For instance, the scenario where you needed a POA is no longer applicable, your agent may be acting in a way that concerns you, or you may have another more qualified individual in mind to be your agent. In any event, use this document to revoke and make absolutely sure that you provide your agent with the revocation so there is no question that he or she no longer has your consent to act with your authority. You will also need to inform others that may have relied on the previously issued POA since those who don’t know the POA has been revoked may not be liable for continuing to act under it.

How to Write

1 – Use This Paperwork When Revoking A Power Of Authority In Texas

This page supplies access to the paperwork a Principal must sign and issue to Revoke Principal Powers he or she has previously delegated to an Attorney-in-Fact. Click on one of the three buttons under the picture to download a copy for your use.

2 – Identify The Principal, Attorney-in-Fact, And The Previous Appointment

This template requires some information placed directly on this page where it is requested. Begin with marking one of the checkboxes at the top of this page. Notice that three have been supplied bearing the labels “Health Care Powers,” “Financial Powers,” and “Other.” One of these checkboxes must be marked to indicate what type of Principal Powers will be at the focus of this revocation. If you mark the box labeled “Other,” then you must classify the Previous Authority yourself using the blank line supplied for that choice.   The Principal who has issued this document (and is now revoking it) must have his or her Legal Name produced on the blank space that precedes the phrase “…Hereby Immediately Revoke”The official Title of the document the Principal intends to revoke must be supplied to the line between the term “…Document Titled” and the words “That I Previously Executed”It is imperative for the purposes of this paperwork that the document being revoked by clearly identified. Record the Execution Date of the Revoked Powers by entering each component across the next three blank spacesFinally, positive identification of the Agent/Attorney-in-Fact whose Principal Powers are being revoked, as well as any Successor Agent,” must be documented. Use the first space following the word “Appointed” to disclose the name of the Agent/Attorney-in-Fact. Then, on the last blank space in this paragraph, report the Full Name of the Successor Agent(s) named in the Revoked Powers.

3 – A Notarized And Witnessed Signature From The Principal Is Mandatory For Revocation

The Principal will need to Revoke by Signature. He or she must supply the Signature Date when the Principal signs his or her name to the last statement of this document. The Principal must locate the spaces after the words “…Signed The” then, enter the Calendar Day, Calendar Month, and Calendar Year when the Signature is supplied. The blank space bearing the designation “Signature Of Principal” can only be signed by the Principal. This action will formally execute this Revocation. Below his or her Signature, the Principal must supply the Printed version of his or her Name. The Notary Public commissioned to notarize this revocation must use the next page, “Notary Acknowledgment,” to furnish the items necessary for this process.