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Utah Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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Utah Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Utah Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form is a legal document utilized by parents in the state of Utah to temporarily grant specific powers to a trusted friend or relative to properly care for their child. The parental authority given to the agent here will only have a lifespan of six months. Thus, if more time is required, the principal (i.e. parent or court-appointed guardian) will have to issue additional paperwork so the agent will be able to represent his or her interests in taking care of the concerned child/minor. If any portion of this document will require added room, continue the information on a separate sheet that may be attached to the document. This document may be revoked at any time by simply issuing a written revocation to all relevant entities.

How to Write

1 – Delegate Guardian Power Over A Child In Utah With This Paperwork

The document you can access using the buttons under the picture will enable you to name a Guardian for a Child or Minor in your care. Only a Parent or Court Appointed Guardian of the Child can issue this paperwork. Use any of the buttons (PDF, Word, or ODT) to open a copy then save it.

2 – Identify The Child And Your Role In His Or Her Life

Locate the statement choice in item “(1).” If you are the Parent of the Child, then mark the box labeled “Parent.”    If you are the Court Appointed Guardian, then place a mark in the box labeled “Court-Appointed Guardian Of”Next, you must supply the Full Name of the Child or Minor you are appointing Guardian Powers over on the blank space labeled “(Name).” If you are giving Principal Guardian Powers over more than one Child, make sure each one is listed. You may use an editing program to add enough room or include an attachment with a full Roster of the concerned ChildrenEach Child who the Guardian Agent will be granted Power over must be identified by Name and Date of Birth. Use the second blank space to enter the Child’s Birth Date. Make sure you report the Birth Date of each Child who you have named above.

3 – Declare Your Intention To Assigning Principal Guardian Powers

A statement with the wording required to name an Agent as the recipient of Guardian Powers over the child is supplied in item “(2).” You will have to provide the intended Guardian’s Full Name, Complete Address, Telephone Number, and E-Mail Address to the blank lines labeled “Name,” “Address,” “City, State, Zip,” “Phone” and “E-Mail” to the appropriately designated areas.

4 – Define The Type Of Principal Power You Are Granting

Two checkmark items have been supplied (“3” and “4”). Each will give a definition to the Guardian Powers you are giving the Agent or intended Guardian over the Child thus, you may only choose one to apply to this appointment of Principal Powers. If you plan on delivering the full scope of your Principal Power as the Child’s Parent or Court Appointed Guardian, then mark the checkbox next to the number “(3).”If you intend the Agent to have specific Guardian Powers over the Child, then mark the checkbox next to the number “(4).” In addition to marking this checkbox, make sure to define the Principal Guardian Powers you are designating to the Agent or intended Guardian on the blank lines after the words “…Only The Specific Authority To”

5 – Indicate How Long The Guardian Should Have Principal Power

Now, you must document how long the Agent or intended Guardian should retain Principal Power over the Child starting from the Signature Date of this paperwork. The maximum length of time these Powers may be in effect will be six months after the Signature Date. Use the blank line in item “(5)” to record the Date you with the Agent’s Principal Power over the Child to automatically terminate. Item “(6)” will give the opportunity to make the Principal Guardian Powers delivered here durable ones. That is, if the Principal Guardian Powers here should remain accessible to the Agent or intended Guardian even if you become incapacitated, the mark the checkbox corresponding to item “(6)” If you do not mark this check box then the Principal Guardian Powers you appoint to the Agent in this document will Terminate the same Date you are diagnosed (by a Physician) as being incapacitated.

6 – You Must Sign This Appointment To Execute It

On the day you decide to set these Powers in motion, enter the Calendar Date on the blank space labeled “Date” at the end of this paperwork. To the right of the Signature Date, sign your name on the line labeled “Sign Here” then, print your full Name on the line below this. Use the spaces designated as “Address” and “City, State, Zip” to record your current Residential Address. Finally, use the spaces labeled “Phone” and “E-Mail” to fill in your Daytime Phone Number and E-Mail Address After you have supplied these items to this form, release it to the attending Notary Public so that he or she can fill in the final area with the notarization process.