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Utah Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Utah Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Utah Limited Power of Attorney Form allows you to designate an agent with the ability to act with principal authority. It is important to note this type of representation will require a strict definition provided by the individual issuing it (known as the principal). Oftentimes, an agent can wield authority over a variety of transactions, however, here his or her right to represent the principal will be constrained to predefined tasks and/or for a specific time period. Thus, it is imperative to the success of this document that its language is supplemented directly by the principal issuing it. He or she is encouraged to take the time to put some careful thought into defining how the agent may act and to consult with a qualified professional before executing this paperwork.

How to Write

1 – This Document Contains The Language Utah Requires To Delegate Specific Principal Powers

Download the template displayed in the picture using one of the three buttons under it. Each button will allow access to the same form in the file version used to label it.

2 – Several Areas In This Language Will Call For Information

The first labeled blank space, “(Full Name),” will refer to the individual giving another entity the right to use his or her Authority in his or her Name (the Principal).  The second blank space here will also be concerned with the Principal. Record his or her Full Address on the blank space before “The Undersigned, Do Hereby Grant…”Now that we have solidified who the Principal is, we must identify the entity who will wield the Principal Authority. This entity, the Attorney-in-Fact, must be named on the space after the words “…And Specific Power Of Attorney To”The Attorney-in-Fact’s Contact Information will also need to be recorded so this document can function correctly. This should be presented as his or her Complete Address and Daytime Telephone Number on the last blank space in this sentence. Two defined areas on this line have been provided for this purpose. We have clearly identified each party and the role that party holds in this document. The following task will focus on the subject-at-hand: the Limited Principal Powers being designated for the Attorney-in-Fact’s use. A few blank lines numbered one through three, shall give a defined area where these Powers should be presented. If there is not enough room here, you may add more lines using a compatible editing program or you may cite a clearly labeled attachment containing the balance of the Principal’s Directives.

3 – The Principal Must Execute His Or Her Wishes Directly

The Principal should read through the information supplied to this document to his or her satisfaction. When it is ready to be finalized and executed, he or she must sign it. This Signature must be accompanied by the Date it is being furnished. The Principal must produce this as a Two-Digit Day of the Month, the Name of the Month, and the Year when the signing occurs on the blank spaces after “Signed This…”The Principal must sign the next line immediately after he or she has presented the Signature Date. The Notary Public must then be given this document so he or she can use the final area to notarize this document’s execution.