Utah Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Updated June 02, 2022

A Utah Motor Vehicle Power Of Attorney Form is used to grant the power to an agent expected to handle the administrative tasks required by the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles on behalf of the vehicle owner. This type of appointment is only applicable to motor vehicle-related matters. In other words, if the principal expects the agent to handle any matters outside of this institution or wield principal powers on other matters then he or she should seek a different power document. The paperwork involved in delegating durable, non-durable, and limited principal powers to the agent may all be tailored to include the authority the principal will bestow on the agent here.

How to Write

1 – Open And Save The Motor Vehicles Paperwork To Appoint Principal Powers

The document supplied through the buttons under the picture link to the necessary paperwork to give someone the right to act as the Vehicle Owner of a Vehicle he or she does not own. Download this file in any of the versions offered.

2 – Bring The Vehicle And The Second Page To A Service Station

You must print out the second page then bring it along with the Vehicle being focused on to a qualified Technician/Mechanic. This entity will need to give the Vehicle a thorough inspection, supply some valuable information for the purpose of identification, and produce his or her credentials. At a minimum, the second page must have the Address where the Vehicle is inspected along with the Vehicle’s Year, Make, Model, Style, Vehicle Identification Number, and current Odometer reading. In addition to this information, the inspecting Technician/Mechanic will need to supply the Vehicle and Station Owner’s Name and Address along with his or her Signed Name, Printed Name, and Certified Technician Number.  

3 – Fill In The First Page With The Information It Requests

The Principal Vehicle Owner must be named at the beginning of the first page. If it is a Company or Business Entity, make sure to include any suffix required in its Name. If it is a human being enter his or her information precisely as it appears on the paperwork involving the Vehicle Ownership and his or her Driver’s License. A blank space labeled “Company Name Or Individual” will supply an area to enter this information. Next, document the Name of the individual who will be designated with the Principal Powers to represent the Principal with the Vehicle. A space between the words “…Gives To” and the words “Or Its Designated Representative…”The end of this statement will present a line labeled “(Duly Authorized Officer Of Company Or Individual).” If the Vehicle Owner is a person, then he or she should sign this line. If the Vehicle Owner is a Company, then a Company Authorized Signature Representative may sign this document on that entity’s behalf. Some credentials of the Vehicle Owner will also need to be supplied by the Vehicle Owner once he or she has signed this document. If the Vehicle Owner is a person, then he or she must produce his or her Birth Date and Social Security Number using the properly formatted blank spaces after the words “Date Of Birth” and “Social Security Number”If the Vehicle Owner is a Company, then its Federal Entity Identification Number (FEIN) should be recorded on the space after the words “Federal ID Number.”The area under the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Signature and Self Report has been supplied strictly for the use of a Notary Public. This entity will review the paperwork and direct how the signing will occur. If the signing is successful, the Notary Public will use this final area to notarize the delegation of Principal Authority.