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Virginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VSA-70)

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Virginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VSA-70)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Virginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VSA-70) is used to appoint another individual to handle motor vehicle registration, transfer and titling issues on your behalf before the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

How to Write

1 – The Vehicle Power Form Required By The DMV Is Available For Download

The appointment form displayed in the preview picture can be downloaded by clicking the caption button below it. This document will enable a Virginia Vehicle Owner the same Authority he or she holds over a vehicle to an Attorney-in-Fact or Agent.

2 – Each Vehicle Owner Must Be Documented

The “Vehicle Owner(s)” table on this page is constructed so that up to two Vehicle Owners can have their information neatly presented. If there is only one Vehicle Owner, fill out only the left-hand column with his or her information. Begin by entering the Virginia Vehicle Owner’s Full Name under the label “Owner Name (Last, First, Middle)”

The next box, “Owner Street Address,” requests the Building Number, Street Name, and any applicable Unit Number of the Vehicle Owner’s Address be supplied in this area. The third row here will contain three boxes. Here, you must record the “City,” “State,” and “Zip” Code associated with the Vehicle Owner’s Street Address. The column on the right shall request the same pieces of information from a second Vehicle Owner. If there is no other Vehicle Owner, then leave this area blank. Otherwise, use this area to record the “Co-Owner Name” of the Vehicle along with his or her Address.

3 – The Attorney-in-Fact’s Information Should Be Produced

The next table, under the heading “Power Of Attorney Granted To,” supplies a definitive area to declare the Identity of the individual who will assume Principal Vehicle Owner Authority over the Principal’s Vehicle. The first row of this table will accept the “Full Legal Name” of the Vehicle Owner in the Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix format. The second row of this table must have the Virginia Vehicle Agent’s Complete Address. A box for each Address component has been supplied. Record the intended Vehicle Agent’s Address as a “Street Address,” “City,” “State,” and “Zip” Code on this row. 

4 – Several Items Are Required To Identify The Vehicle Properly

The Vehicle that will be under the Attorney-in-Fact or Vehicle Agent’s Principal Authority must have its identifying information supplied to this form as well. The “Vehicle Information” table on this page will supply a defined area where such information can be presented. Use the boxes in this table to enter the “Vehicle Make,” “Body Type,” “Model Year,” “Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),” and “Title Number”

5 – The Appropriate Certification Is Necessary For This Execution

Every Vehicle Owner must execute this paperwork before submitting it. Two columns at the bottom of this form will allow for two Vehicle Owners to perform this action. If there is only one, then only the first box in the left-hand column, “Owner Signature” must be signed by the Vehicle Owner.After signing this document, the Vehicle Owner must supply his or her “Owner Social Security Number/Employer Federal ID” to the box below the signature. If the Vehicle Owner is a Business, then its Federal Entity Identification Number (FEIN) must be supplied here Finally, in the last box, the Vehicle Owner must supply the Date he or she signed this form The right-hand column has been included so that a second Co-Owner may satisfy its requirements. The Co-Owner must sign his or her Name, present his or her Social Security Number or FEIN (whichever is appropriate), and document the Signature Date using this column.