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Vermont Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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Vermont Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Vermont Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form enables a child’s parent(s) or legal court-appointed guardian to empower an individual with the temporary guardian powers necessary to safeguard a child’s welfare. This will make the appointee the adult in charge of making decisions and taking actions on the child’s behalf when the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are unavailable for a significant amount of time. While this is considered a temporary delegation of authority, it may be revoked by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who have issued it at any time and in writing.

How to Write

1 – Open And Save Vermont Paperwork To Delegate A Guardian Attorney-in-Fact

This paperwork will contain the necessary language to delegate Principal Authority over a Child to an Attorney-in-Fact in the State of Vermont. Download it from this page using the buttons under the image preview.

2 – Record The Information This Document Requests

The Full Name of the Parent or Active Guardian should be presented on the first empty space in the body of this template. This is the individual who will be delegating his or her Principal Powers over the Child or Minor by issuing this paperwork. This report will need to continue supplying information using the space that follows the words …Whose Address Is” for the Principal’s current Address. The Legal Name of the Attorney-in-Fact will also have a place to be displayed in the body of this template. Find the blank space that comes after the word “Appoint,” then fill in the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name on it. Use the next space labeled “Whose Address Is” to present the Attorney-in-Fact’s official Address. Now we will need to full identify the Child or Minor concerned with this paperwork. First, we will define whether the Minor is the Child of the Principal or the Ward of the Principal. If the Principal is the Child’s Parent, then mark the checkbox labeled “Child.” If the Principal is the Minor’s Active Guardian, then mark the checkbox labeled “Ward.”The Full Name of the Child or Minor is required on the blank space placed right before the phrase “Born On”After the phrase “Born On…,” use the two spaces provided to record the official Birth Date of the Child or Minor as the Name of the Month and Two-Digit Calendar Day then the Two-Digit Calendar Year recorded on the Child’s Birth Certificate.

3 – Execute This Document With The Principal Signature Of The Parent Or Current Guardian

This document can only be put into action, or Executed, through the Signature of the Principal. This Signature must be Dated and Notarized. Thus, using the statement beginning with “Dated This,” the Principal must record the Calendar Date when he or she signs this document. Below the Signature Statement, the Principal will be required to sign his or her name. A blank space labeled “Signature” has been supplied just for this purpose. An area designed for notarizing the Principal Signature has been placed below the Principal Signature line. Only the attending Notary Public may complete this area.