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Wyoming Durable Power of Attorney Form

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Durable Power of Attorney in Wyoming is a type of POA that allows you to appoint a loved one to manage your property and assets. This type of form is often used in long-term planning because it allows your agent to act on your behalf even if you are considered legally incompetent. Because your agent will have the authority to handle your financial matters and accounts, it is important that you choose our agent carefully. Many people choose a spouse or other close relative whom they know would have their best interest at heart.

Laws§ 3-5-101

Medical Power of Attorney – Select an agent who can serve as your healthcare representative should you become too incapacitated to communicate effectively.

How to Write

1 – The Document Supplied Here Can Be Used As A Designation Tool

Download the template form displayed in the image on this page by clicking it or the button in the caption.

2 – Information Concerning The Participating Parties Must Be Produced

The opening paragraph for this paperwork will have to be completed with information so that it may function correctly to delegate Principal Power defined below it. We shall begin by producing the three items required to accurately identify the Principal.

Document the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Principal on the first empty line after the title. The next item will serve to locate the Principal. Supply his or her Street Address to the second blank line. The third available space has been reserved for the Wyoming County where the Principal’s Street Address is located. The final item required to identify the individual granting his or her Principal Powers is his or her Social Security Number. Furnish this to the three blank spaces formatted to accept this information. The Attorney-in-Fact will be the focus of the next requested items. First, produce the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name (First, Middle, and Last) onto the space after the word “Designate.” Round out the report this paragraph requires by entering the Attorney-in-Fact’s Complete Address.

3 – A Comprehensive Review Of The Authority Being Granted Should Be Performed

The next several items will explain precisely how this document operates and will feature a list of the Principal Powers. Generally speaking, the Principal can decide to restrict the Attorney-in-Fact from any of the actions on this list by simply having them deleted or crossed out. Thus, the Principal can choose to refrain can authorize the Attorney-in-Fact to conduct his or her “Business And Banking” affairs (Article iv) and exert Principal “Proxy Rights” (Article vii) but prevent the Agent from signing any Tax documents by removing, deleting, crossing out the Article titled “Tax Returns And Reports.” Any default Power removed, deleted, or crossed out will be excluded from the authorized Principal Actions the Attorney-in-Fact may conduct on the Principal’s behalf. It should be noted that most would consider it wise to consult a licensed professional (i.e. Attorney, CPA) before issuing or altering this document. It is strongly recommended the Principal review all articles here ( “i” through “xi”) before proceeding.

4 – The Option To Name A Substitute Agent Has Been Made Available

The Principal can utilize the ninth item (“Substitute Agent”) to set these Powers to be automatically relegated to an Alternate or Substitute Agent. This statement should be prepared with the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name as it is reported in the first paragraph. Place his or her Name on the first blank line in this statement. Use the blank line situated after the word “Appoint” then fill in the Full Name of the Substitute Agent on this blank line. Keep in mind Principal Power will not be available to this entity unless both the Principal and Attorney-in-Fact are unable to take Principal Action using Principal Authority. Finally, on the last blank space in this statement, fill in the Substitute Agent’s Complete Address.

5 – The Principal Signing Must Be Verifiable By Witness And Notary Public

The Principal will have to supply the Calendar Date when he or she signs this template thereby, executing it into effect. He or she should report this item on the blank line labeled “Date.”Once the Signature Date has been solidified on the line above, the Principal must sign the next blank line. Below his or her Signature, the Principal should print his or her Name. The two “Witness” lines below the Principal’s Signature area should each be signed by a unique Witness. This Signature will act as proof that the Principal has signed his or her Name on the line above on the reported Signature Date. In addition to the verifying signature of two Witnesses, the Notary Public serving this documentation process will also have to provide for its authenticity by notarizing it using the final portion of this paperwork