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Wyoming Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form

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Wyoming Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Wyoming minor child power of attorney is a legal document that makes it possible by law for parent(s) in need of temporary assistance with their child(ren) to do so in writing without the fear of losing custody of their children, They would choose a relative or friend that they trust and allow them powers with this document to make decisions for them, just as if they were there themselves. The document may be revoked in writing any time.

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Wyoming Template To Assign A Child’s Guardian With Principal Power

A copy of the paperwork an individual will need to appoint a Guardian to a Child can be accessed and saved to your machine by selecting either the image or any of the buttons presented below it

2 – The Child The Intended Guardian Will Be Responsible For Must Be Identified

This form will request some information regarding the situation at hand to be supplied to its contents. It is crucial that this information is accurate, so the intended Child’s Guardian can be assigned Principal Authority over the Child according to the Parent or Court Appointed Guardian’s intentions

The Child’s Full Name will have to be presented at the beginning of Part I. If more than one Child is involved here, you may either execute a separate document for each one (recommended) or supply an attachment with the same information requested by the opening statement. Enter the Child’s Full Name as it appears on his or her Birth Certificate on the blank space following the words “For The Minor Named…”  The next piece of information should also be reported in accordance with the Child’s Birth Certificate. Fill in the Child’s Date of Birth using the appropriately placed blank spaces after the phrase “…Born On The”

3 – Each Parent Or Court Sanctioned Guardian Of The Child Should Be Documented

Now, locate the blank area between the word “I” and the two check box items. Supply the Parent’s Full Legal Name to this area. If these Powers are being granted by a Court Appointed Guardian, then enter this current Guardian’s Name to this line Next, indicate whether the Name you have just produced is either the Child’s Parent or the Child’s Court Appointed Guardian. If it is the Parent’s Name, then mark the first check box. If it is the Child’s Court Appointed Guardian’s Name, then mark the second check box The Address where the Parent or Current Guardian will be requested across the next three spaces. Here, you must document the issuing Parent or Current Guardian’s Street Address (Building Number/Street Name/Unit Number), City, and State 

If the Child is in the Custody or two Parents or two Guardians, then the second Caretaker’s Information should be recorded as well. An additional paragraph, under the label “(If Co-Guardian/Parent Exists),” requesting the above in information has been supplied to this area for this purpose. If there is no such entity, it may be left blank.

4 – Report Who The Intended Guardian Is And Describe The Powers Being Delivered

The Guardian the Principal intends to deliver Authority must have his or her information presented in Part II. The statement displayed in this section will declare the Parent or Current Guardian’s intention when issuing this document. The intended Guardian’s Full Legal Name (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and any applicable Title) should be placed in the area between the term “I/We Hereby Appoint” and the phrase “As The Attorney-in-Fact For The Minor” To solidify the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact’s identity further, define the relationship the intended Guardian holds with Child/Children on blank space labeled “(Relation)” Finally, use the remaining available spaces to document where the intended Guardian lives by entering his or her Street Address, City, and State across them in this order.

In the next area, part III, we will describe to what extent the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact may wield Principal Authority over the Child. This report will be the result of a Principal Initialed statement. He or she will need to either declare the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact as the recipient of the full scope of Principal Power that can be delivered to a Guardian in the State of Wyoming by initialing the first statement (“A”) or describe what Type of Principal Power is being appointed on the blank lines in the second statement and initialing Statement “B” The first Calendar Date and the time period when the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact is allowed to wield the Principal Powers defined in part III will also have to be set. Begin by entering the Start Date for these Powers across the blank spaces in the first statement of part IV. Next, how these Powers Terminate or should Terminate must be chosen from a list of statements. If the Principal wishes the Powers to expire automatically on a pre-determined Calendar Date, record the Date in Statement A. The Principal will have to initial and check this statement to select it and apply such a Termination Date.

If the Principal has decided Guardian Attorney-in-Fact’s Principal Authority should be automatically revoked when he or she is rendered disabled then, the Principal must initial and mark Statement “B”

In the event the Principal Powers here should remain active for the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact until the Principal dies, then the Principal should initial the blank space after “C” and mark the corresponding checkbox

5 – These Powers Will Only Be Effective If This Document Is Signed By At least One Parent

The Parent(s) or Court Appointed Guardian(s) issuing this document and appointing will need to finalize it with a Dated Signature. Two individual signature areas titled “Parent/Court Appointed Guardian Signature” will constitute part V. If there is more than one Parent or Current Guardian, each one must supply the items in these areas. The Parent/Guardian must sign his or her Name on the first blank line, present his or her Printed Name on the “Print Name” line, then enter the Current Date as his or her Signature Date on the adjacent space (“Date”) In addition to the signature(s) of the Parent(s) the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact will also have to verify his or her acknowledgment of these Powers. The Guardian Attorney-in-Fact must supply his or her Signature, Printed Name, and Signature Date in the labeled areas under the “Acceptance By Attorney-in-Fact” section The Witnesses present at the Principal Signing should be prepared to verify it by Signature. Each one must attend to either the “Affirmation By Witness 1” and “Affirmation By Witness 2” paragraphs. Each Witness should have his or her Name printed on the first blank line. Make sure each paragraph has a unique Witness Name. Both Witnesses must locate the paragraph Witness Affirmation paragraph with his or her Name then Sign his or her Name, Print his or her Name, and Date his or her Signature  The final party whose attention is required will be the Notary Public. After witnessing the finalizing Signatures supplied to this paperwork, he or she must notarize it using the “Notary Acknowledgment” section