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Nebraska Promissory Note Templates (2)

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Nebraska Promissory Note Templates (2)

Updated August 11, 2023

A Nebraska promissory note template is a document designed to help ensure the lender in a money loaning transaction receives timely payments from the borrower. In addition, the templates cover many areas in regards to both the parties’ personal information and the details of the agreement itself. Below are two templates for the state of Nebraska; remember to read the details on both to ensure you select the one for your loaning situation.

Usury Rate – Maximum interest rate is 16%.

Table of Contents

By Type (2)

Secured Promissory Note – This template includes a section on security. This requires the borrower to set aside a personal possession such as a home, vehicle, or boat that is given to the lender if payments can no longer be made.

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Unsecured Promissory Note – This template does not include an area for security to be declared. This adds additional liability to the lender, as there is no guarantee he or she will be reimbursed the loaned money if the borrower entered into default on the balance.

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Usury Statute

(1) Except as provided in section 45-101.04, any rate of interest which may be agreed upon, not exceeding sixteen percent per annum on the unpaid principal balance, shall be valid upon any loan or forbearance of money, goods, or things in action and may be taken yearly, for any shorter period, or in advance, if so expressly agreed.

(2) Such rate of interest so long as it does not violate sections 45-101.02 to 45-113 or any federal usury law may be charged on a variable rate basis, except that if the lender proposes to increase the interest rate during the term of a loan on consumer goods notice of such proposed increase shall be communicated in writing to the person or persons primarily obligated on such loan at least ten days prior to the proposed increase. Deposit of such notice in the United States mails, postage prepaid, shall be deemed communication for the purpose of this section.