Ohio Promissory Note Templates

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Updated January 24, 2022

An Ohio promissory note template is a legal promise stating a borrower of a monetary balance will repay a loaned amount back to the lender with the addition of interest in a timely and orderly manner. When the signatures of all parties have been recorded in the document it will be legally binding and thus can be used in a court of law.

Usury Rate – The maximum interest for written contracts for loans of amounts less than $100,000 is 8%.

LawsOhio Rev. Code Ann. § 1343.01

Types (2)

Secured Promissory Note – This document is ‘secured’ by having the borrower set aside a physical item such as a home, vehicle, or boat that is given to the lender if the borrower cannot repay the loaned balance. The item should be roughly similar to the balance of the note to ensure the lender is covered financially.

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Unsecured Promissory Note – Doesn’t include security, leaving the lender at an increased risk for losing the loaned balance. To help prevent loss, the lender should only lend to family, friends, and/or individuals with worthy credit.

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Usury Rate

In Ohio, the maximum rate of interest that can be charged is 8% per year. However, there is an exception if the loan amount is over $100,000. There are also exceptions depending on what type of collateral is involved and the terms of repayment. For instance, if there is only one installment at the end of the term a higher interest rate can be charged provided the loan isn’t secured by certain collateral. OH ST § 1343.01

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How to Write

Step 1 – Download an Ohio note document –

  • Submit the start date of the note agreement in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Enter the Borrower’s name
  • Enter their mailing address
  • AND
  • Enter the Lender’s name
  • Their mailing address
  • AND
  • Provide the note’s sum of the principal
  • Provide the remaining amount of the annual percentage rate (APR)

Step 2 – Payments –

  • Enter the total sum of the note, that’s payable by the stated due date
  • Include accrued interest and late fees

Installments – Check the preferred payment method

  • Submit the total sum of the note agreement
  • Provide the principal sum of the note
  • Select payment frequency and check the preceding box
  • Provide the amount due with payment required for late payments

Step 3 – Security –

  • Check the box to indicate the type of selected note
  • If the note will be“secured,” describe the property

Step 4 – Titled Sections and Subsections –

  • Interest due in the Event of Default
  • Allocation of Payments
  • Prepayment
  • Acceleration (and 6A.- Security)
  • Attorney’s Fees and Costs
  • Waiver of Presentments
  • Non-Waiver
  • Severability
  • Integration
  • Conflicting Terms
  • Notice
  • Co-Signer – Provide the Co-signer’s name
  • Execution
  • Governing Law – (Ohio State Law)

Step 5 – Signatures –

  • Lender’s signature
  • Signature dated – mm/dd/yyyy
  • Print lender’s name
  • AND
  • Provide the borrower’s signature
  • Signature dated in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Print borrower’s name
  • AND
  • Co -Signer’s signature (if required)
  • Signature dated in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Print Co – signer’s name
  • AND
  • Signature of Witness – in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Printed name