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Iowa Residential Purchase Agreement

An Iowa residential purchase agreement is a legal document that allows a buyer and seller to agree to the sale of real estate. If the seller accepts the offer in the purchase agreement, the buyer will proceed to the next steps of the transaction, including inspections, applying for financing, and any other due diligence items.
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Required Disclosures (3)

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Individuals selling property built before 1978 must disclose the possibility of lead paint to prospective buyers.

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Seller Property Condition Disclosure (§ 558A.4) – The seller must complete this disclosure form and send it to any potential buyers. This form covers structural and material damage to the property, environmental and zoning information surrounding the property, and any other relevant information.

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Radon Disclosure Fact Sheet – Not required but recommended to be given to prospective buyers as a reference to radon information.

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