Idaho Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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An Idaho commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement is a legal document containing the provisions necessary to complete a successful commercial real estate transaction. The seller of a commercial property will include in the document the sale price and any information that is relevant to the potential buyer in regard to the property (location, condition, inclusions, exclusions, etc.). The potential buyer should look over the terms and conditions with their agent and an attorney, as these documents can be lengthy and complex. Before accepting the agreement, the buyer may send it back with revisions. Once negotiations are complete, the parties will sign the document.

Realtor Version

Idaho Assoc. of Realtors – Adobe PDF


Agency Disclosure (§ 54-2085) – All licensees must present this agency disclosure brochure provided by the Idaho Real Estate Commission.

Residential Property

Idaho Residential Purchase Agreement – A form that contains the provisions of a real estate transaction between a buyer and an owner (seller) of residential property.

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