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Kansas Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agrement

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Kansas Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agrement

Updated August 28, 2023

A Kansas commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement formalizes a real estate transaction between a seller and potential buyer. Both parties will have a real estate agent and most likely an attorney look over the document. Things the buyer will have to consider before signing the contract are the condition of the property (although a final inspection is allowed as a contingency of the purchase), ample time for due diligence, earnest money and other deposits, tax information, and, of course, the final sale price.


Real Estate Brokerage Relationships (§ 58-30,110) – Licensees must provide a copy of this document to any prospective buyer or seller of a commercial property transaction.

Residential Property

Kansas Residential Purchase Agreement – Sets forth the terms and conditions of a residential real estate transaction involving a buyer and a seller.

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