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Wyoming Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Wyoming Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Updated August 01, 2023

A Wyoming commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement records the terms of a buyer’s purchase commercial property from a seller. The agreement spells out the financial conditions of the sale including the purchase price, earnest money deposit, closing costs, and funding contingencies (e.g., whether a loan must first be obtained). If the seller accepts these terms along with the other purchase conditions, the agreement becomes a legally binding contract between the two (2) parties.


Real Estate Agent Brokerage Disclosure (§ 33-28-3) – When a broker is hired to sell the property, this form must be provided to the seller and buyer to disclose the broker’s obligations during the real estate transaction and their relationship to each party.

Residential Property

Wyoming Residential Purchase Agreement – Describes the terms, conditions, rights, and obligations of the buyer and seller involved in a residential real estate transaction.

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