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Fraternity Letter of Recommendation Template – with Samples

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Fraternity Letter of Recommendation Template – with Samples

Updated July 21, 2023

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A Fraternity Letter of Recommendation is a letter written by a former or current fraternity member who would like to recommend a peer or friend into the fraternity. These letters can have a substantial weight into the admission process of the fraternity.

Table of Contents

What to Include

  • Name and address of potential member receiving the recommendation
  • Name and address of individual providing the recommendation
  • Signature of individual making recommendation
  • Name of the fraternity
  • Relationship between the two individuals
  • Reasons and attributes that make the individual an opportune candidate
  • Must be in a sealed envelope

How to Join a Fraternity

  1. Be an enrolled college or university student
  2. Review the list of Fraternities available and find one that matches attributes and values the individual represents
  3. Attend events during recruitment week (also known as rush week)
  4. Obtain feedback from previous members or other peers on the Fraternity
  5. Select the fraternity week you would like to apply to
  6. Submit formal application with a letter of recommendation (if you obtained one, but not required)
  7. Accept the bid from the fraternity
  8. Complete initiation process
  9. Fully become a member and pledge any dues needed

Who to Select?

The person writing a fraternity letter of recommendation must be a current or past member of the fraternity for which the candidate is applying for. Ideally, the candidate should choose someone that is familiar with them to be the author. The goal of the letter is to provide a supporting argument for why the candidate should be selected for membership. Therefore, the letter-writer should know the student well enough to be able to provide descriptions and examples of why the applicant is a suitable choice for fraternity membership.

If a candidate doesn’t have a close relationship with any current or past alumni members attending fraternity-related events, such as an IFC event, Rush event, or NSE can be a good way for them to meet someone willing to write a letter of recommendation. If the student asks a fraternity member or alumnus who isn’t familiar with them to write their letter of recommendation, they should give that person a detailed list of their qualifying achievements, goals, and community involvement.


How to Write (Format)

Although a fraternity letter of recommendation doesn’t have to follow any particular form, generally it should fill one page and consist of an introduction, 2 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Depending on who the letter is addressed to and their relationship with the author, the letter can be more or less formal. For example, a letter between one student and another need not be as formal as a letter written by an alumni to a fraternity representative. The author of the letter should make every effort to make their letter as positive and convincing as possible. Applying for membership in a fraternity can be extremely competitive, and a well-written letter of recommendation may provide the edge the prospective member needs to get in.


The introduction should include a formal salutation, introduce the person that is writing the letter, presenting their affiliation with the fraternity in question, and also introduce the person applying for membership. This is also a good place to detail the author’s relationship to the candidate. At the top of the page, the author may choose to include a standard business letterhead, which will have their personal information, the date, and the information of the person/fraternity that they are writing to. Following the standard business letter format will make the letter look more professional.

Example #1

Charles Wren
Alpha Beta Gamma House
123 College Street
Charleston, OH, 12345

April 19, 2017

Alpha Beta Gamma Recruitment
C/o Trust University
456 George Street
Charleston, OH, 67891

Dear Fellow Alpha Beta Gamma Member,

I am writing this letter in support of Francis Davis’ application for membership in our fraternal house. For the past two years, we have shared many classes in the Business Management program at Trust University and we’ve worked together closely on a group presentation. I have been an Alpha Beta Gamma member since starting my studies back in 2015 and I believe that Francis will make a positive addition to our fraternity.

Example #2

Ralph Lauren
65th Crimson Street
Christmas, NJ, 41234
Phone no. (555) 555-5555

April 29, 2017

Bob Ross
Sigma Phi Recruitment
Five Star University

Dear Bob,

Having been a member of the Five Star University’s Sigma Phi house for five years, I know how valuable membership can be. My cousin Bart Graves will be starting his university career at Five Star in the Psychology program and I would like to recommend his inclusion in our fraternal house.

Note the use of the standard business letterhead in both examples. Complete addresses aren’t necessary in the letterhead; the author should use their own discretion. In the second example, we can see how a family member who is a fraternal alumnus might start a letter of recommendation. Family members who are present or past fraternity members are great choices for writing a letter of recommendation, because they, presumably, will be very familiar with the subject.

Paragraph 1

In the first body paragraph of the letter, the author should list the student’s specific qualities and achievements that indicate that the student is an ideal candidate for membership. Any examples that demonstrate that the candidate is ambitious, hard-working, generous, and academically gifted should be highlighted in this paragraph. Most fraternities look for members that are involved in their community and have volunteered their time to benefit a cause or to aid an event or organization. Therefore, any volunteer work that the student has done should also be listed here.

Example #1

When Charlie told me that he was interested in joining our fraternity, I quickly volunteered to write this letter. Charlie is an incredibly gifted science student, having completed his 12th year Physics and Chemistry in Grade 10. He also started competing in college-level science fairs while still in high school. Although much of his time is devoted to his studies, Charlie is also a talented runner and has competed in several track and field events taking home Silver and Bronze medals in Relay and 800 meter events, respectively.

Example #2

Robert was especially known at Ridgemount High School for his performance in school theatre productions and for emceeing school assemblies. He also delivered his class graduation speech, which I hear was a huge success. However, what most impresses me about this young man isn’t his public persona, it is his involvement with the program for disabled students. Through his volunteering, Robert has demonstrated himself to be patient, compassionate, and possessing of real values that go far beyond his own self-interest.

In both of the above examples the authors have clearly described the candidate’s academic achievements, school participation, and breadth of interests. By demonstrating that the candidate has wide-ranging interests and achievements, they indicate that the potential member is a well-rounded and interesting person who is worthy of membership with the fraternity.

Paragraph 2

The second body paragraph will focus on the personal characteristics that make the student someone that the fraternity will enjoy having as a member. Fraternity members often live in a house together, therefore this letter should demonstrate that the candidate is personable and fun to be around.

Example #1

Jim has lived in student residence through his freshman year, and let me tell you: he’s the life of the party. To be a member of the brotherhood, you have to be able to get along and keep up with all the going-ons of the frat house, and I have no doubt that Jim is more than capable of keeping up with the rest of the boys. It’s also worth mentioning that while he knows how to let loose, Jim also knows how to reign it in and he’s well-respected by his professors and T.A.’s.

Example #2

In my meeting with Rhys, I found him to be both forthright and personable. While I am not well familiar with this young man, I can say that he presents himself well, displaying a very positive attitude and a winning smile. He had no difficulty answering my questions and I found him very pleasant to speak to.

In the above two examples, the first is written by someone who knows the candidate quite well, while the second is written by a fraternity representative who only met the student on one occasion. Both letter-writers found ways to attest to their candidate’s social skills and outgoing personality.


When writing the concluding paragraph, the author should re-emphasize their support for the candidate and provide an invitation for further contact. The letter is concluded with a formal sign-off such as “Sincerely” or “Best Regards,” and beneath that the author’s signature and typed name. If the author’s preferred method of contact is not listed in the letterhead, it should be given in the final paragraph or beneath the author’s typed name.

Example #1

Our fraternity should always welcome candidates as promising as Michael and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any more information.


Walter Willis


Example #2

I trust that you will approve this worthy candidate as I assure you, he will be a worthy addition to your house. If you would like to contact me regarding Hector’s application, I can be reached at: 555-555-5555.

Best Regards,

Tim Ferris

Both examples above do a good job of restating the recommendation, offering an invitation for further contact, and providing a proper sign off.

Sample 1

Jack O’Leary
Alpha Kappa Lambda House
123 College Street
Charleston, OH, 12345

April 19, 2017

Alpha Kappa Lambda Recruitment
C/o Only University
456 College Street
Charleston, OH, 67891

Dear Fellow Alpha Kappa Lambda Member,

I can’t think anybody that I would recommend more as a new fraternal brother than James Frank. Back in Playton, Ohio, Frank and I were neighbors and went to the same high school. While visiting my home over the break, I ran into James and he told me that he was transferring here to study pharmacology, and that he’d been thinking about joining our fraternity.

James was always a popular guy back in Playton. He was the school’s star point guard on the basketball team and was always top of the class in every subject. Although it has been a long time since we last met, our interaction last week convinced me that he hasn’t changed much. James told me that he’s been playing point guard for the Playton College basketball team and he’s still top of the class.

James is a fun guy to be around and he clearly knows how to balance having a good time with having a clear focus at school. His popularity at school and on the basketball team speak volumes of his skills at getting along with his peers.

I have no doubt that our fraternity will be better off with James as a member. Please let me know if you have any questions or need specific information to expedite James’s recruitment.

Thank you for your time.


Jack O’Leary

Sample 2


Hamza Khan
101st Mellow Street
Westwood, Virginia, 80970
Phone: (555) 555-5555

April 30, 2017

Gary Gould
Alpha Beta Frat House
Burstone University

Dear Gary,

I was a member of Alpha Beta while doing my undergrad at Burstone University. I had a great time and am still in contact with the friends I made in the fraternity. My brother, Ali Khan, is also joining Burstone University and I would appreciate it if you would consider allowing him to join the brotherhood.

Ali, like me, is studying engineering and I can tell you, he’s already well ahead of where I was when I was his age. He’s a low-key genius who manages to nail straight A’s without any visible effort. Personally, I struggled to maintain my high grade-point average. Although he didn’t play on his high school team, Ali has been playing for the Elite Junior Soccer League during the past two years and has proven himself as a valuable player.

Alpha Beta is one of the most close-knit fraternities on-campus; with such a supportive network of members, I know that my brother will benefit greatly if accepted. Ali would be the perfect member for Alpha Beta as he already exemplifies all the qualities that Alpha Beta stands for. He’s a good-natured kid and a lot of fun to be around.

Ali will enroll at Burstone this summer. He is really excited at the prospect of being considered by the fraternity. I vouch for my brother and I am confident that he will be selected by this great fraternity. Please feel free to call me at the phone number given above if you need any further information. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Hamza Khan

Sample 3


Kyle MacDougal
Boston University
Alpha Fraternity House
626, Long Road
Fornville, KT, 41321

February 28, 2017

Fredrick Waters
Alpha Fraternity House

Dear Fredrick,

I have been a member of our Alpha Fraternity for the past two years while studying at Boston University, and these two years have been some of the best years of my life. I recently met Bradley Morris, who transferred to our university this year and I personally feel that he would make a fantastic addition to our house.

My cousin goes to the same high school that Bradley went to and confirmed that Brad was not only a great student, but an extremely popular and outgoing individual. He is also a good person at heart and socially aware. He successfully organized blood donation camps at his high school and participated in organizing student pep rallies. 

Brad has the right balance of a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. He has a great personality and our fraternity needs more people like him. While interacting with him, Brad told me of his interest in joining our fraternity. I think he would be great for us and hence, I am writing this recommendation in hopes that you’ll consider him for our fraternity.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Kyle MacDougal