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Condominium Lease Agreement

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Condominium Lease Agreement

Updated March 24, 2024

A condominium (condo) lease agreement is between a landlord who rents residential property located in a condominium association to a tenant. It includes the responsibilities of each party and a copy of the condominium’s bylaws that outlines any additional property rules. 

Rental Application – It is recommended that the landlord review the tenant’s credit and employment details.

Condominium Provisions

  • Approval of Tenant – If the condominium association requires that the tenant be approved before occupancy.
  • Association Fees – The responsibility of the condominium association fees (commonly paid by the landlord).
  • Common Areas – Outline the rules regarding the use of gyms, pools, jacuzzis, meeting rooms, and any other areas shared by residents.
  • Guest Policy – Restrictions on how many guests can stay on the property and for how long.
  • Moving Procedures – If there are rules on when and how a tenant can move-in and move-out, it should be mentioned (ex. “no moving on Sundays”).
  • Smoking Policy – Generally prohibited indoors and outside common areas.


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1. PARTIES. This Condominium Lease Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into this [DATE], between:

Landlord: [LANDLORD’S FULL NAME], with a mailing address of [LANDLORD’S MAILING ADDRESS] (“Landlord”), and

Tenant: [TENANT’S FULL NAME], with a mailing address that will be the same as the condominium mentioned herein (“Tenant”).

2. CONDOMINIUM. The Landlord agrees to rent the following condominium to the Tenant:

  • Property Address: [ADDRESS]
  • Bedroom(s): [#]
  • Bathroom(s): [#]

3. OCCUPANTS. In addition to the Tenant, there are: (check one)

No Occupants.

4. TERM. This Agreement starts on [START DATE] and ends on a: (check one)

Fixed Date. This Agreement ends on [END DATE]. At the end of the lease term, if the Landlord does not renew this Agreement, the Tenant is required to vacate the condominium.

Notice to Terminate. This Agreement is considered a month-to-month lease which allows either party to terminate by providing at least [#] days’ written notice.

5. SECURITY DEPOSIT. A security deposit is: (check one)

Not Required.

Required. $[AMOUNT] is required to be paid by the Tenant at the execution of this Agreement to protect the Landlord against losses or damages. The Security Deposit is required to be paid at the execution of this Agreement to protect the Landlord against losses or damages by the Tenant.

6. RENT ($). The Tenant agrees to rent the condominium for a monthly rent amount of $[AMOUNT] which is due on the [#] day of every month until the end of this Agreement. The first month’s rent is required to be paid at the execution of this Agreement.

7. PAYMENT OF RENT. The Tenant can pay rent in any of the following method(s): (check all that apply)

– Bank Wire
– Cash
– Check
– Credit Card
– Electronic Methods: [ENTER WEBSITE OR APP NAME(S)]

8. LATE FEE. If the Tenant pays rent late by more than [#] day(s), there shall be: (check one)

No Late Fee.

Late Fee. The late fee shall be equal based on a: (check one)

Fixed Amount. $[AMOUNT] is due for each occurrence day rent is late.
Interest. [#]% shall accrue on a per annum basis until the rent is paid in full.

9. UTILITIES. The Tenant is responsible for all utilities and services related to the condominium except for: (check one)

Landlord is NOT Responsible for any Utilities and Services.

Landlord is Responsible for: [ENTER UTILITIES AND SERVICES]

10. FURNISHINGS. The condominium is: (check one)

Not Furnished.

11. APPLIANCES. The condominium includes: (check one)

No Appliances.

Appliances. (check all that apply)

– Dishwasher
– Dryer (for laundry)
– Microwave
– Refrigerator
– Stove / Oven
– Washing Machine
– Other. [DESCRIBE]

12. PARKING. The condominium provides: (check one)

No Parking.

Parking. [#] parking spaces are provided with: (check one)

No Fee.
Fee. $[AMOUNT] for each space all the spaces.

13. PETS. Pets are: (check one)

Not Allowed. Pets are not permitted in the condominium except those protected under State and Federal law.

Allowed. The Tenant has the right to have [#] pet(s) in the condominium which are restricted to the following:

Maximum Weight: [#] Pounds
Pet Deposit: $[AMOUNT] refundable non-refundable

14. SMOKING POLICY. Smoking is: (check one)

Not Allowed. Smoking is prohibited in the condominium. This includes all types of plant and non plant-based substances.

Allowed. Smoking is allowed in the condominium in the following areas: [ENTER PERMITTED AREAS].

15. NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS (NSF). If the Tenant pays rent by check that is not honored by the receiving bank due to non-sufficient funds, a fee of $[AMOUNT] or the maximum permitted under Governing Law, whichever is greater, shall be assessed to the Tenant. A fee due to non-sufficient funds shall be separate from any late fees.

16. GUESTS. Guests of the Tenant are not permitted to stay in the condominium for more than 48 hours per visit.

17. CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION. The Tenant acknowledges that they are leasing a residence located in a condominium association and that any rules or regulations, typically located in its bylaws, supersede any of the terms of this Agreement.

18. PROPERTY MANAGER. The Landlord mentioned in Section 1 of this Agreement shall serve as the manager of the condominium for all notices.

19. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS. The Tenant is responsible for keeping the condominium in a clean and sanitary condition. The Landlord is responsible for any repairs, maintenance, or structural repairs necessary to maintain the condominium in a habitable condition.

20. LANDLORD’S ENTRY. The Landlord has the right, at any time, to enter the condominium for repairs, maintenance, or in the event of an emergency in accordance with Governing Law.

21. DISCLOSURES. In addition to this Agreement, the Landlord shall provide the following disclosures: (check all that apply)

– Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
– Move-In Inspection Checklist
– Condominium Association Bylaws

22. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws located in the State of [STATE].


24. SEVERABILITY. Should any provision of this Agreement be deemed invalid or unenforceable, such condition shall not affect the remainder of this Agreement, which shall continue in full force and effect. The parties agree to substitute any invalid or unenforceable provision with one that is valid and enforceable, reflecting the original intent as closely as possible.

25. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Landlord and Tenant and supersedes all prior understandings, agreements, or representations.

Landlord Signature: _________________________ Date: _______________
Print Name: _________________________

Tenant Signature: _________________________ Date: _______________
Print Name: _________________________

Tenant Signature: _________________________ Date: _______________
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