Georgia Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Template

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The Georgia Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement Template aids roommates by documenting their agreement so that it is not forgotten or misunderstood as time passes. This can be a valuable resource between two or more people sharing a residence for a significant amount of time, especially for events that occur infrequently (move-outs, repairs, etc.). By having a documented agreement that has been set on paper and signed by both parties, roommates may avoid difficult situations and thus maintain a friendly and amicable living situation. This will be the result of having all parties fully aware of the obligations they have agreed too.

It is important to mention one or two things regarding roommate agreements. First of all, landlords are only responsible for honoring a lease with a tenant who has signed such an agreement with the landlord. They are not obligated to give a lease holding tenant’s roommate the right to reside upon the property in exchange for a set amount of money if that roommate has not signed a lease with the landlord. Another important mention to note is that once a roommate agreement is signed it will be considered a written contract between the roommates. That is, if one does not obligate the tenets of this agreement after signing it the other party may seek action through the courts for breaching the contract.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first line will require the day, month, and year of this agreement.

Step 2 – The section labeled “By and Between,” will need the full name of each party entering this agreement.

Step 3 – The next set of lines (in paragraph 2 of the “It is Therefore Agreed as Follows” section) shall require the rent payment for each roommate. To avoid any confusion, it is recommended to correspond each number with the numbered line a roommate’s name was entered in the “By and Between” section.

Step 4 – In paragraph 3 of this section, enter the fraction amount of utilities and services necessary for the rental unit that each roommate must pay. There will be several utilities already mentioned however if there are any not mentioned, enter them in the space provided. The line beginning with “Other” will be for any special conditions which have been agreed to.

Step 5 – The following sections should be read very carefully. Paragraph 11 will require close examination as the ninth item (beginning with the words “A roommate’s right to sublet”) will allow for any sublet conditions that have been agreed upon not previously mentioned to entered in the space provided.

Step 6 – Any terms, conditions, considerations, etc. should be reported in the “Additional Agreements” section.

Step 7 – The “Authorization” section shall require the signature and printed name of each roommate participating in this contract. This section shall bind all signing parties to the term of the lease.