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Idaho Rental Application Form

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Idaho Rental Application Form

Updated April 14, 2023

An Idaho rental application is a form that landlords use to gather information from prospective tenants. By having a standardized form, a landlord or property manager will be able to isolate key areas of data such as employment history or previous landlord information. This can be useful when a significant number of applicants hope to gain the same rental. Additionally, by using a set form compliant with federal anti-discriminatory laws and state laws, landlords enjoy a certain level of protection from disgruntled applicants who simply did not qualify.


  • Application Fee – Landlords are permitted to request any amount they see fit. However, landlords should check their local ordinances as certain jurisdictions impose their own conditions (no statute).
  • Security Deposit – There is no statutory limit to the amount that a landlord may demand from prospective tenants (no statute).