Idaho Rental Application Form

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The Idaho Rental Application Form is a powerful tool that landlords may use to gather information from tenants. By having a standardized form, a landlord or property manager will be able to isolate key areas of data such as employment history or previous landlord information. This can very useful when a significant number of applicants hope to gain the same rental. Additionally, by using a set form compliant with federal anti-discriminatory laws and state laws, landlords enjoy a certain level of protection from disgruntled applicants who simply did not qualify.

Application Fee (No Statute) – Landlords are permitted to request any amount they see fit. However, landlords should check their local ordinances as certain jurisdictions impose their own conditions.

Security Deposit (No Statute) – There is no statutory limit to the amount that a landlord may demand from prospective tenants.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter your email at the top of the page.

Step 2 – Enter your full name, date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license on the first line of the first section.

Step 3 – On the second line enter the name of your spouse, date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license.

Step 4 – On the third line enter your current address, city, state, zip code, and cell number. Note there will be a separate blank space for each of these items.

Step 5 – On the fourth line enter the Landlord’s full name, telephone number, the monthly rent payment you pay them, and how long you have lived there.

Step 6 – On the fifth line, enter your reason for leaving. That is, the reason you are moving out.

Step 7 – On the sixth line, enter your previous address (where you lived before your current residence), the city, state, zip, code and telephone number.

Step 8 – Lines seven through ten will be concerned with your past. These will be three yes/no checkboxes. Make sure you give accurate information by checking yes or no in response to the questions. If any have been checked yes, provide an explanation on the blank space provided.

Step 9 – The next lines of this section will allow for information from two cars to be entered. Enter your vehicle’s make, year, license plate number, and state. If there are other vehicles (that are not automobiles) report this in the line provided labeled “Other Vehicles.”

Step 10 – The final part of this section require information about any pets you may have. Here, enter the pet’s name, sex, breed, color, weight, and age. There will be enough room for two pets.

Step 11 – The next section will concern itself with information regarding your job. That is, how you make a living. Enter the name of your current employer, your occupation, the full name of your supervisor, your supervisor’s phone number, the street address of your job, the city state and zip code where it is located, your monthly income and how long you have been employed with this employer. The next two lines will require the same information about your previous job. Finally, there will be an area where you may enter the same information for your spouse regarding his/her current and former jobs.

Step 12 – The following section will require information regarding your finances. More specifically your bank references. There will be two lines available. For each one enter the name of the bank you patronize, the address, and indicate if you have a checking or savings account by checking off the appropriate box. Then enter your account number. If you have two accounts with the same bank, do not check off both boxes on the same line. Each account type should be reported separately.

Step 13 – Below this information will be a box on the left. Initial this box after you have read the paragraph on the right. The paragraph on the right verifies the information you entered is correct, that you are consenting to a background and credit check, and a disclosure regarding security deposit and occupancy.

Step 14 – Below the consent/disclosure paragraph will be an area for the applicant’s signature, date of signature, spouse’s signature, date of spousal signature, and the address being applied for along with the property number. Skip the next line labeled “Approved” then indicate how you heard about the rental you are applying for in the space provided or by checking the appropriate box.

Step 15 – The next two pages must be signed at the bottom and dated. Do not fill in any other area of the last two pages of the document.