Indiana Rental Application Form

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The Indiana Rental Application Form is a tool often used by landlords and property managers when seeking a reliable tenant for a rental property. Prospective tenants wishing to fill out this form should have their information readily available and must be prepared to sign the application. This signature will serve as proof that all information presented is accurate and true. There will also be a consent line allowing the property manager to run a background and credit check on the applicant who has presented and signed this form.

Application Fee (No Statute) – When screening tenants, there is no limit to the amount that a landlord may demand from rental applicants.

Security Deposit (No Statute) – There is no limitation on the amount that may be demanded as a security deposit.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the current date, that is, the date you are filling out the application.

Step 2 – The first section to be filled out, “About You,” is located at the top of the left-hand column. This section will require several pieces of information: Full Name, Street Address, Driver’s License Number and Issuing State (or similar Government Photo ID), Maiden Name or former Names (if applicable), Social Security Number, Birthday, Height, Weight, Sex, Eye Color, and Hair Color. Then check off the appropriate boxes to indicate your marital status, citizenship status, if you are a smoker, and if you have any pets. If you do have pets, note the Kind, Weight, Breed, and Age on the space provided.

Step 3 – The next section is located in the second box down of the left-hand column. This will require the current street address where you live. Below this will be an area for the City, State, and Zip code of your current address. Next supply your Home/Cell Phone number, the Current Rent that you pay, and your email address. The next area of this section will require the name of the apartment (building) you currently live in, the owner or property manager’s full name and phone number as well as the Date you moved in and the reason you wish to move. The box below this will ask for the same information regarding your previous address of residence. Make sure to fill out both of these sections fully.

Step 4 –  The next section is labeled “Your Work,” in the left column and is the fourth section down. This will require the name of your Present Employer, the Street Address, City/State/Zip code where you work, your Work Phone number, Position you hold, your Gross Monthly Income, the starting date of your current job, and your Supervisor’s Name and Phone number. The following section will require the same information regarding your previous employer.

Step 5 – The next section in this column is labeled “Your Credit History.” Here, you must enter your Bank’s Name, City, and State. Then list the Major Credit Cards you hold. If you have past credit problems, it is advisable to explain them in a separate document then attach it to this application.

Step 6 – The final box in the left-hand column is labeled “Why You Applied Here.” This will require the source of where you first saw this listing. There will be an opportunity to name a Locator or Rental Agency, Individual Locator or Agent, and/or the name of a Friend or individual who referred you to the listing. If you found the listing for the rental being applied to indicate this by checking the “Yes” box on the fourth line, then check the applicable source of information.

Step 7 – The next section on this page is at the top of the right-hand column. Here you will need to check any boxes that positively apply to ever being evicted, moving out of a residence improperly, or any police action involving misdemeanors and/or felonies. If you check any boxes in this section, it would be highly recommended to give a reason in the spaces provided.

Step 8 – The second section down in the right column will require any information on a spouse that you may have. If you are married provide the Full Name of your spouse, former Last Name (if applicable), Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number and issuing State (or similar Government Photo Id card’s number,” Birthdate, Height, Weight, Sex, Eye Color, and Hair Color. Next, indicate if your spouse is a U.S. citizen or not by checking the “Yes” box or “No” box.  If your spouse has a job, enter the name of the Present Employer, Street Address and City/State/Zip code. Below this enter your spouse’s Work Phone number, position held, start date of the current job, Gross Monthly Income, and Supervisor’s Name and Phone number.

Step 9 – The next section to be filled is labeled “Other Occupants,” in the right-hand column. For each occupant enter the Full Name, Relationship (to tenant), Sex, and Driver’s License or Government ID card number and issuing State, Birthdate, and Social Security Number.

Step 10 – Below this box in the right column is one labeled “Your Vehicles.” If you own any vehicles, they must be reported here. Enter the Make and Color of your vehicle(s), the Year, License Plate Number, and Issuing State.

Step 11 – The “Emergency” section directly below this will require the Name, Address, Work Phone Number, Home Phone Number, and tenant Relationship for a local emergency contact.

Step 12 – The final box at the bottom of the right column is labeled “Authorization.” This is the consent line giving the landlord/property manager permission to run a criminal background and/or credit check. First, enter the name of the party who has permission to run this check on you. Then sign on the last line. If you are married, your spouse must also sign his/her name.

Step 13 – The next page will need to be filled in should there be no signed lease contract attached to the application. The Lessor must fill in the name of all the lease signature parties, the full name of the Owner/Lessor, the Property Name and dwelling type, Street Address, City/State/Zip code, the full Name of each person living with the tenant, the number of occupants residing on the premises, the date range of the lease, the Total Security Deposit, the Animal Deposit, Other Fees, Total Monthly Rent, where the rent should be paid (check off the appropriate choice), Prorated rent for first or second month (check the appropriate choice as well as the dollar amount of the Prorated Rent, the calendar date the rent will be due, the late charges, the calendar date the rent will be considered late, the Initial Late Charge, Daily Late Charge, and Returned Late Charge. Then check off if the premises is furnished or unfurnished, each utility the landlord will pay for, and if the renter is required to purchase liability insurance. If there is a reletting charge it should be indicated in the line below these boxes. Finally, any amenities, conditions, terms that apply to the lease should be documented.

Step 14 – At the bottom of the page, the prospective tenant will need to enter the Name and Phone Number of a tenant approved doctor that may be contacted in the event of an emergency. Any important medical information may be included on the line provided.

Step 15 – Finally, the Applicant, Applicant’s Spouse, and Owner or Approved Representative must sign their full names in the appropriate spaces. Each signature should be dated by the signing party. This concludes an applicant’s section of the application.


Step 1 – The final box will be for Office Use only and will provide accountability for the application. In the first item, enter the apartment name or address. If there is a specific Unit Number as part of the address or is a house type of dwelling, indicate as much in the space on the right.

Step 2 – Enter the name and office number of the person accepting the application in Item 2.

Step 3 – Enter the name and office number of the person processing the application on line 3.

Step 4 – On Item 4, place a check mark in the box describing the method an applicant was notified of the final decision and the date this occurred on the line provided.

Step 5 – In item 5, enter the name of the applicant who was notified of this decision.

Step 6 – In item 6, enter the name of the landlord/property manager/owner/authorized representative who has notified the applicant of the final decision regarding this application.