Kentucky Rental Application Form

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The Kentucky Rental Application Form is used to gain information in an organized manner from prospective tenants. Tenants filling out the application should be prepared beforehand, and should take the requisite amount of time needed to ensure that the data submitted is done so in the appropriate order and format. By doing this, one may be sure the decision-making process will be impartial as the same type of information will be presented by all applicants.

Application Fee (No Statute) – Kentucky landlords are legally allowed to charge any amount for the application process.

Security Deposit (No Statute) – There is no maximum amount. As a result, landlords that demand a security deposit may request any amount the desire.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter your Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name on the first line.

Step 2 – Enter your Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and Gender on the second line.

Step 3 – Indicate your relationship status by placing a checkmark next to the word Single, Married, Separated, or Divorced on the third line.

Step 4 – Report your Personal Description on the fourth line. There will be a space for your Weight, Height, Eyes, and Hair.

Step 5 – If you have a spouse, enter his or her Last Name, First Name, and Middle Initial on the fifth line. Directly below this, enter your spouse’s Date of Birth and Social Security Number.

Step 6 – Next, name all the individuals who shall live with the applicant on the numbered set of lines. Each individual should have his/her Full Name, Date of Birth, and Relationship to the applicant reported.

Step 7 – Below the area where you named all the occupants that will live with you, there will be a space for your contact information. Enter your E-mail Address, Present Address, City/State, and Zip Code. Then enter your Apartment Community Name, Current Rate, and How Long you have lived there. Finally, enter your Home Phone number, Apartment Community Number, and Listed Applicants Name there.

Step 8 – Next under the “Former Residence” heading, place a checkmark next to the living situation that best applies to your former residence. You may choose between Apartment, House (Rental), House (Owned), or Mobile Home. Then place a checkmark next to the time span you lived in your former residence. You may choose 1 Year or Less, 2 to 3 years, or 4 years or More.  Below this, you must indicate the reason why you moved out. Again, there will be several choices here as well: Moving Out of State, Mover from Out-of-Town, In State, Sold Home, Moving from Local Apartment Community, Setting Up Household for the First Time, or Other. If you choose Other, make sure to write an explanation for doing so on the line provided.

Step 9 – The next section will require information regarding your employment status as well as you’re your spouse’s employment status (if applicable).  Under the heading “Present Employment,” enter the Name of the Company (you work for), How Long you worked there, the Address of your employer, the Phone number of your employer, the type of Business your employer runs, the Position or Title you hold, the full name of your Supervisor, the Phone number of your supervisor, and your Monthly Income at your place of employment. If you are married report this information for your spouse directly below this, in the section labeled “Employment – Spouse.” Finally, under the heading “Previous Employment” enter this information in relation to the last place of employment you worked in.

Step 10 – The top of page two will require the Names, Addresses, and Relationship to you of your nearest relatives. This is under the heading “Nearest Relative(s) Not Residing With You.” Below this enter you’re the Name, Address, Phone, and Relationship status for your Emergency Contact.

Step 11 – The next section, “Automobiles and Other Vehicles,” enter the Year, Make, Model, Color, Tag Number, and State of any vehicles you own. Below this table will be a space for you to enter your Driver’s License Number and (if applicable) your spouse’s Driver’s License Number. Also, indicate if you will be parking a bicycle on the premises and if so describe it in the appropriate spaces.

Step 12 – The following section will require information about any pets you may have. On the blank line below the word “Pet,” indicate if you have any pets or not. If so report the type and size of that pet.

Step 13 – The next section requiring attention is labeled “Advertising.” Here, enter the method that you used to select this rental to apply for. You may place a check mark next to Friend, Drive By, Referral from Resident, Telephone Book, Locating Service, T.V., Radio, or Other. If you chose “Other,” explain what led you to applying. The next few lines in this section will inquire about your preferences. Enter the desired rent you wish to pay and the date you wish to move in. If you paid a Deposit Amount with this application, make sure the office accepting this money writes in the amount next to “Receipt of Application Deposit” and the Date it was received.

Step 14 – The next section requiring attention will be under the heading “Authorization and Release of Information.” Here, print your full name.

Step 15 – Next read the “Application Deposit Agreement.” It should have the sum an applicant must pay for a credit check, the non-refundable processing fee for the application, the non-refundable administration fee, the application deposit amount, and the total sum that should be submitted with the application. If these dollar amounts have not been entered, make sure to call the office for instructions.

Step 16 – Finally, sign and date the application.  Do not fill in the part labeled Office Use.