Kentucky Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template | Form PM106

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The Kentucky Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template | PM106 is a recommended tool for defining and solidifying a landlord-tenant relationship. This gives all parties involved the benefit of enjoying the security a written contract regarding a property rental gives. This lease will cover the basic terms and conditions that every lease in the State of Kentucky. Quite a number of the twenty-five items presented will need some fairly specific information to be entered. Once this information is entered and the lease has been signed by both parties it will become a binding agreement. Obviously, one should not sign any contract unless all the information regarding its terms and conditions have been input and this one is no different.

This agreement is in full compliance with all the applicable statutes of the Kentucky Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and will be binding once signed. This does not exclude the option to expand upon the agreement provided it is lawful and does not violate either party’s rights. Merely document the additional provisions of the agreement made, date it, make sure it bears the signatures of all involved parties then attach it to the lease.

LawsKRS Chapter 383 (Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act)

Handbook – Kentucky Landlord Tenant Guide

How to Write

Step 1 – The parties this lease applies to must be defined at the top of the page at the beginning of the agreement. Enter the landlord’s name, the address of the premises, and the names of all tenants entering the lease in the space provided.

Step 2 – In Item 1 (Premises), enter the address of the rental property.

Step 3 – In Item 2 (Term), define the time period this agreement is in effect by entering the start date (day month, year) and the end date (day month, year) in the spaces provided.

Step 4 – In Item 3 (Security Deposit), write in the dollar amount of the security the landlord needs from the tenant. Then in the next paragraph report the name of the bank where the security is being held and the account number containing the security funds of the tenant.

Step 5 – In Item 4 (Rent), enter the amount of money each monthly rental payment the tenant is responsible for on the space provided.

Step 6 – In Item 5 (Late Charges), enter the dollar amount the tenant will be charged if the rent has not been paid in full within five days of the due date.

Step 7 – In Item 8, (Utilities), report the utilities a tenant should pay for in the space provided. Then in the space below this report the utilities the landlord shall pay for.

Step 8 – In Item 9 (Appliances), document the appliances the landlord shall provide. Below this will be a space to report on the appliances a tenant shall provide.

Step 9 – In Item 12 (Pets), record the name/type pet the tenant is allowed to keep on the premises on the blank line provided.

Step 10 – In Item 25 (Lead-Based Paint Disclosure) the tenant must initial this section if the landlord is required to give the tenant the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form and the tenant has received it.