Louisiana Association of Realtors Lease Agreement

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Updated June 13, 2022

A Louisiana Association of Realtors residential lease is an agreement that is between a landlord and tenant and negotiated on behalf of a licensed Realtor. The Realtor will usually show the premises to the tenant, verify their personal and employment information with a rental application, and negotiate the terms of the lease. After signing, the tenant will be given access to the property with the Realtor being owed a commission in accordance with their listing agreement.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF

Step 1 – Enter the date of the lease in the space located at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Step 2 – On Line 1, enter the full name of the Lessor.

Step 3 – On Line 2, enter the full name of the Lessee.

Step 4 – On Lines 3 and 4, write a description of the property out.

Step 5 – On Line 5, Next to the word “Premises,” write the street address of the property being rented. There will be a space for an apartment or suite number provided as well.

Step 6 – On Line 6, enter the City, State, and Zip Code of the rented property.

Step 7 –  On Line 9, next to the word “Term,” enter the period of time the lease shall be binding to the signature parties. Then enter the calendar day of the month, the month, and the year the agreement shall begin.

Step 8 – On Line 10, enter the month and year the lease shall terminate.

Step 9 – On Line 13, in the “Month to Month Renewal” section, enter the number of days before the termination of the lease that one party must give another to end the agreement. Note, this paragraph will state the lease shall automatically renew unless one party terminates properly.

Step 10 – On Line 16, enter the monthly rent charge the tenant must pay.

Step 11 – On Lines 17 and 18, write the address where the rent should be paid.

Step 12 – On Line 19, enter the prorated dollar amount a lessee must pay if applicable.

Step 13 – On Line 20, if the first month’s rent is being prorated, enter the applicable time frames it will apply to. Then enter the calendar day rent must be received by.

Step 14 – On Line 21, enter the deductible dollar amount per month of the rent (so long as it is paid by the previously mentioned due date). Then enter the net amount.

Step 15 – On Line 22, enter the first calendar date of the month a non-payment of rent would be considered a lease violation on the lessee’s part.

Step 16 – On Line 24, enter the penalty amount a tenant must pay for each check submitted as rent payment the bank does not honor.

Step 17 – On Line 29, enter the security amount a landlord requires of the lessee to enter the agreement.

Step 18 – On Lines 63 through 65, enter the full names of all individuals permitted to live on the premises with the tenant.

Step 20 – At the bottom of this page, each lessee and lessor must initial verification of its receipt.

Step 21 – On 74, in the paragraph labeled “Sublease,” enter the full name of the party who will pay for whatever expenses are accrued should the lessee sublet the property with the lessor’s consent.

Step 22 – Read all the information contained on this page then, at the bottom of the page, each lessee and lessor that participates in this agreement must provide his/her initials as proof they have received this page prior to signing.

Step 23 – At the top of the next page, enter the property address and the date.

Step 24 – On Lines 225 through 231, enter any additional terms and conditions each party has discussed and agreed to which should be considered part of this lease.

Step 25 – On Line 243, indicate whether anything was being constructed or built anywhere on the property before 1978 by checking the box labeled “Yes” or the box labeled “No.” If no information exists to decisively conclude an answer check the box labeled “Unknown.”

Step 26 – On Line 246, enter the date of the Lessor’s Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead Base Paint Hazards submitted to the tenant with the lease if the lessor was required to attach it to the lease. Then on Line 248, each lessee and lessor must provide his/her initials to verify their acknowledgment of this section and the law has been adhered to.

Step 27 – On Line 255, each lessee must provide their initials if the lessor has provided the EPA website where mold and hazards information regarding the property is listed.

Step 28 – On Line 266, each lessee must provide their initials in acknowledgment of the “Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry Notice.

Step 29 – On Line 272, the lessee and lessor must sign and date their names. There will be an additional line for a second lessee or the lessor may do the same.

Step 30 – On Line 278, any agent involved will need to sign his/her name then provide his/her company name, phone number, and listing agent I.D.

Step 31 – Provide the name and number where repairs or maintenance may be requested.