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Maine Rental Application Form

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Maine Rental Application Form

Updated January 16, 2024

A Maine rental application gives property managers an opportunity to screen candidates applying for a unit or property space that is available for rent. At times, especially with properties in demand, this can be an overwhelming task. However, the load may be lightened substantially with the level of organization that a standard form provides. By standardizing the information gathering process, a property manager will free up valuable time during the review process. Furthermore, the rental candidates will gain some confidence the sensitive information they are providing will be handled in a responsible manner.


  • Application Fee (§ 6030-H) – Landlords are generally prohibited from charging a rental application fee. However, in connection with an application, a landlord may charge an applicant the actual cost of only one of the following:
    • A background check;
    • A credit check; or
    • Some other relevant screening process.
  • Multiple Fees (§ 6030-H) – Landlords may not charge one of the above screening fees more than once in any 12-month period.
  • Copies (§ 6030-H) – A complete copy of any information obtained through the above-mentioned checks or screenings must be provided to the applicant.
  • Security Deposit (§ 6032) – Deposits cannot be made in an amount exceeding the equivalent of two (2) months’ rent.