Maine Rental Application Form

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The Maine Rental Application Form gives property managers an opportunity to screen candidates applying for a unit or property space that is available for rent. At times, especially with properties in demand, this can be an overwhelming task. However, the load may be lightened substantially with the level of organization that a standard form provides. By standardizing the information gathering process, a property manager will free up valuable time during the review process. Furthermore, the rental candidates will gain some confidence the sensitive information they are providing will be handled in a responsible manner. Generally, such checks are considered necessary and should be run thoroughly. However, the tenant must sign the consent line. The tenant signature will not only give consent but will hold the prospective tenant accountable to the information they have claimed to be true and accurate.

Application Fee (No Statute) – As of this writing, there is no limit on how much individuals can be charged for application fees.

Security Deposit (§ 6032) – Deposits cannot be made in an amount exceeding the equivalent of two (2) months’ rent.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first line enter the Apartment being applied to, the rent, the desired or advertised start date, and how you first heard about this opportunity.

Step 2 – The “Applicant Information” section will have two lines of boxes that must be filled out. In this order enter: your Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Social Security Number, and Driver’s License Number

Step 3 – On the second line of the “Applicant Information” section enter your Birth Date, Home Phone Number, Work Phone Number, and Email address.

Step 4 – The “Current Address” section will have three lines of boxes that must have information entered. On the first line of this section, enter in this order enter, Your current Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code.

Step 5 – The second line of the “Current Address” Section will require the Date you moved into your current address, the date you will or have moved out, the full name of your current landlord, and your current landlord’s phone number.

Step 6 – On the third line of the “Current Address” section, enter the current monthly rent you pay then your reason for leaving or moving out.

Step 7 – In the section labeled “Previous Address,” there will be three blank lines asking for similar information as that required in “Current Address.” Fill this section out with information pertaining to the address you lived in before your current address.

Step 8 – The next section is “Other Occupants.” This will be divided into two sections. The first will require the names of all the individuals living with you who are eighteen years or older while the area below will require the full names of all individuals under the age of eighteen who will be living with you.

Step 9 – The “Pets” section will concern itself with any animals you may wish to bring to live with you. If you have any pets, write in the word “Yes” under pets, then describe them in the space provided. If you do not currently have any pets simply write in the word “No” under the word “Pets” and move to the next section.

Step 10 – The “Employment & Income Information will be made up of six lines. There is enough room to list two occupations and two “Other Income Descriptions. For each “Occupation” area, name your occupation, your employer or company, monthly salary, the name of your supervisor, your supervisor’s phone number, your start date, and your end date. If you are still working there and will continue to do so simply write in the word ‘present’ in the “End Date” box.

Step 11 – In “Other Income Description” give a brief statement of how you make any extra money then report your monthly income.

Step 12 – The “Emergency Contact” section is where you will list the name, address, phone number, and relationship for anyone you wish the landlord (or authorities) to contact in the event of a traumatic event (i.e. a medical emergency).

Step 13 – Similarly in the “Personal References” section, enter the name, address, phone number, and relationship to each of the personal references you wish the landlord to contact when inquiring about you.

Step 14 – The next page shall begin with the “Background Information” section which will have three lines requiring attention. The first line will ask if you have ever filed for bankruptcy and if you have ever intentionally refused to pay rent. Answer these questions honestly.

Step 15 – The second line of the “Background Information” section will ask if you have ever been evicted or left a place of residence while still owing money. Select the appropriate answer by choosing “Yes” or “No.” If you have you must provide an explanation in the space provided.

Step 16 – The third line of the “Background Information” section will ask if you have ever been convicted. Again, mark either the box labeled “Yes” or the box labeled “No.” If you answer “Yes,” you must provide an explanation regarding what happened.

Step 17 – The “Vehicle Information” section is composed of four lines. The first two will be to report the Make, Model, Year, License Plate Number, and issuing State of any vehicles you own. The last two lines will be where you list any other vehicles you may own.

Step 18 – The “Other Information” section will contain an area where you may report how you heard about the property you are interested in and an area where you may divulge any information that may aid your application.

Step 19 – Sign and date your name on the space provided. Be aware this will also provide consent for the landlord or property manager to run a background and credit check. The disclosure paragraph will state your rights for your own edification. Read this carefully.