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Wisconsin Association of Realtors Rental Application

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Wisconsin Association of Realtors Rental Application

Updated August 08, 2023

A Wisconsin association of realtors rental application is a document used to gather formation from an applicant seeking to live at a particular rental property. Once the applicant has completed the rental/lease, the realtor will then take the time to review the document to determine whether or not the applicant would be a good fit for their client’s, available property.

The form will ask for information personal information, rental history, current and past employer(s), income, personal and credit references. Once the information is provided in writing, the applicant must review the information at the bottom of the form. If in agreement, the applicant must provide their dated signature. Once the applicant’s information has been reviewed, should the realtor believe the applicant to be an appropriate tenant for the property, the applicant will be contacted to move to the next step of completing a lease in preparation for move-in. Be advised that this is not a rental or lease agreement, but an application to lease or rent only.