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Wisconsin Rental Application Form

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Wisconsin Rental Application Form

Updated April 14, 2023

A Wisconsin rental application is a form given to an applicant interested in renting residential property. Included in the application will be the applicant’s personal information, income information, rental history, and any references. Once the landlord has verified all this information, they can better determine the eligibility of the applicant. By signing the rental application form, the applicant is giving their consent to run the screening and proves the information is accurate.


  • Application Fee (§ 134.05) – There is no maximum amount a landlord may charge for an application fee, or “earnest money deposit;” however, a landlord may only charge a maximum of $20 for a credit check specifically.
  • Security Deposit (§ 134.06) – The state of Wisconsin has established no limit to the amount landlord’s may charge tenants for a security deposit.