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Iowa Separation Agreement Template

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Iowa Separation Agreement Template

Updated August 07, 2023

An Iowa separation agreement is a legal document used by couples to establish rules regarding property division, spousal support or alimony, child visitation, and related matters. In Iowa, separation agreements are sometimes called petitions for separate maintenance.

Legal separation address similar issues as a divorce, such as the division of assets, debts, and custody arrangements.

Is a Separation Agreement Legal In Iowa?

Yes, couples in Iowa may use separation agreements to settle matters including child support and division of property.

Source: § 598.28

Legal Separation Requirements

  • Filing Fee: $265
  • Residency: If the non-petitioning party is a resident of Indiana, then the petition may be filed at any time; if not, the petitioner must have been a resident for at least a year (§ 598.5)
  • Where to File: At the Judicial District court where the petition is located.

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