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Illinois Small Estate Affidavit Form

An Illinois small estate affidavit provides a streamlined way for an heir to gather and distribute the assets of a deceased person, provided that the estate does not exceed $100,000. This form allows an heir to collect the personal property of the decedent without going to court.
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How to File (4 steps)

1. Collect Information

Make a list of the decedent’s unpaid debts, including bills and assets.

2. Prepare Affidavit

You can find this online or at your local county clerk’s office. (Use this locator to find your local county clerk’s office.) Include information about assets and vehicles and debt information, such as funeral expenses, tax debts, money owed to employees, money, property held in trust, debts to the state, and all other claims. Make at least one extra copy.

3. Notarize

Swear, sign, and date the affidavit before a notary public. The affidavit does not need to be filed with a court.

4. Collect Assets

You can show the affidavit to a person, company, or bank that can access the estate’s property. If you encounter any issues, you can file a claim in court.