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Ohio Small Estate Affidavit Form

An Ohio small estate affidavit is a form that, when approved, hastens the distribution of the assets of a decedent’s estate to the rightful recipients. This helps the estate avoid the traditional probate process, which can be long and expensive depending on the nature of the estate.
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How to File (4 steps)

Note: The following steps are for relief from the administration process. If the estate qualifies, obtaining a summary release from the administration is more accessible. The necessary form may be found here.

1. Appraisal

Before completing the paperwork for filing, any person who wants to petition an estate with this affidavit is responsible for first having the estate appraised by an appraiser. The probate court must approve that appraiser.

2. Complete Paperwork

Gather and complete the following required documents:

3. File With the Court

File the paperwork with the probate court local to the decedent’s final permanent address.

4. Notify

Notify any spouse and direct heirs directly of the filing, and publish a general notification in a newspaper that circulates widely in the local county.