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Oklahoma Small Estate Affidavit

An Oklahoma small estate affidavit is a document that a person uses to claim a right to the property of a deceased person, known as a decedent. This transfer of ownership can only happen after all of the decedent’s taxes and debts have been paid.
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How to File (4 steps)

1. Wait 10 Days

Wait at least 10 full days from the date of death before presenting the affidavit to the individual or entity that manages or possesses the desired property.

2. No Personal Representative

Ensure there is no appointment or pending application for an appointment of a personal estate representative. This can be done by contacting the county clerk at the decedent’s residence. 

3. Complete the Affidavit

4. Present the Affidavit

Present the affidavit to the person or entity with the property in question.