Tennessee Small Estate Affidavit

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The Tennessee small estate affidavit is used to administer estates with assets totaling $50,000 or less excluding any interest in real property. The affidavit must be filed in the county in which decedent resided at time of death. At least 45 days must have passed since the date of death before this form may be filed. In addition you will need to have a description of assets, their location and their value and a description of unpaid debts. You will also need to file a Consent to Serve Without Bond. These will have to be filed in the County Probate Court, in the county in which decedent resided when he or she passed away.

Maximum – $50,000

LawsSection 30-4-102

How to Write

Step 1 – Write in the name of the decedent.

Step 2 – Write in your name.

Step 3 – Write in the following information about the decedent:

  • Age;
  • Date of death;
  • County in which he or she died;
  • Address of residence at time of death;
  • Whether or not decedent had a will (if there is a will, it must be filed with the affidavit).

Step 4 – List the creditor, address and amounts of any unpaid debts.

Step 5 – Write in a description of any property, its location and account number as well as the value of such property and total the personal estate.

Step 6 –  Write in the names, addresses, relationship to deceased and age of the next of kin.

Step 7 – Sign and date in front of a notary and include your address.

Step 8 – File the document with the County Probate Court representing the jurisdiction in which decedent resided at time of death along with the Consent to Serve Without Bond.