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Vermont Small Estate Affidavit | Petition to Open Small Estate

A Vermont small estate affidavit can speed up the distribution of assets for estates valued at $45,000 or less. However, the affidavit cannot be used to claim real estate.
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How to File (5 steps)

1. Gather Information

Along with your affidavit, you must submit a list of successors, an original death certificate, an inventory of the estate (excluding real estate), an itemized list of paid and outstanding funeral expenses and other debts, and a will, if there is one. The process for gathering documentation is codified by the Vermont state law.

2. Prepare Affidavit

Download the Petition to Open Small Estate and fill it out.

3. Prepare Additional Documents

List funeral expenses and debts on Form 700-00001: Affidavit of Paid and Outstanding Funeral Expenses and Debts for a Small Estate. List your inventory of the estate’s assets (excluding real estate) on Form 700-00402: Inventory.

4. Sign and Notarize

5. File with the Probate Court

The Petition to Open a Small Estate must be filed with a local probate court. The fee for filing a small estate affidavit, per 32 V.S.A. § 1434(a)(30), is $50-$110. You can find a list of fees here.