» » Wisconsin Small Estate Affidavit | Form PR-1831

Wisconsin Small Estate Affidavit | Form PR-1831

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The Wisconsin small estate affidavit, also known as a transfer by affidavit, may be used in situations where a person has passed away leaving $50,000 or less in probate assets. This form can be used by an heir of the decedent, trustee of a trust created by decedent or guardian of decedent at time of death. The document will have to include a description and the value of the property to be recovered, the total value of property of decedent, not to exceed $50,000 and whether or not decedent received state benefits for care. The state may require payment of any care provided but not paid for. A third party is obligated to turn over the property upon receipt of a properly executed affidavit.

Maximum – $50,000

LawsSection 867.03

How to Write

Step 1 – At the top, write in the name of the decedent.

Step 2 – Under Section 1, write in the date of birth, the date of death, the residential address of decedent.

Step 3 – In Section 2, check the box that describes you as the person filling out the affidavit.

Step 4 – In Section 4, write in the total value of decedent’s probate estate.

Step 5 – Check the box that describes decedent’s status with state benefits.

Step 6 – Check the box that indicates marital status of decedent.

Step 7 – In Section 7, write in a description of the property to be transferred and its value.

Step 8 – Sign and date in front of a notary public.