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Termination Letters – Templates & Samples

Updated July 21, 2023

A termination letter is used to formally end a professional or financial arrangement between two parties. Most commonly used for landlord-tenant or employment relationships, the letter clearly states one party’s intention to discontinue all existing obligations under the prior agreement. Once the letter is signed and sealed, it should be sent with confirmation of delivery via Certified Mail or via email with a read receipt to properly document that the letter of termination was received by the other party.

By Type

Child Support Termination Letter – Requests a termination of court-mandated payments for child support

Contract Termination Letter – Informs a party of a business arrangement that the contract is being terminated

Employment Termination Letter – Officially notifies an employee that they are being removed from their job

Independent Contractor Termination Letter – Notifies an independent contractor that their contract will be terminated

Insurance Termination Letter – Notifies an existing or former employee that their health benefits package will no longer be covered by the company

Lease Termination Letter – Informs a tenant that their lease is being terminated

Early Lease Termination Letter – Used by a tenant or a landlord to formally inform the other party about their intention to break the lease before the date listed on rental contract

Patient Termination Letter – Used by a healthcare provider to notify a patient that services will no longer be provided after a certain date


Sample Employment Termination Letter

August 15, 2022


Dear Mr. McConnell,

I regret to inform you that your employment with Frog Town Co. as a senior account manager will be terminated as of Monday, August 22. This outcome was reached with careful consideration and after much deliberation with our executive team. Please understand that this decision cannot be reversed or be modified in any way.

Your termination comes as a result of a company-wide budget cut that unfortunately required several senior-level positions to be eliminated from the accounting department. As you are one of the most recent additions to the team, it was decided that your position would be terminated first.

You will receive your final paycheck on August 23, 2022. In addition, you will be compensated for any unused vacation days. Your severance package will include four weeks of salary, plus extended healthcare benefits until December 31, 2022.

Please be sure to return all company property— including your badge, laptop, and keys—by Monday, August 22.

If you have any questions or would like any further clarification regarding this matter, please contact the HR department at (213) 234-5432 x111.


Nancy Smith
Chief Financial Officer

Sample Lease Termination Letter

August 16, 2022


Dear Willy,

This letter is to inform you that your one-year lease agreement for 333 Tenant St. #2, which was signed on Oct. 1, 2021, will be terminated on Oct. 1, 2022 without an option to renew. A copy of the original lease agreement is attached for your reference.

Also attached is a copy of the move-in inspection list from the walk-through we conducted together on Oct. 4, 2021. Before the termination of the lease, a move-out inspection should be similarly conducted to assess for any damages to the property beyond the normal wear-and-tear. Please be sure to call or email to schedule a final inspection with our property management team.

If you would like to receive a check of your security deposit in a timely manner, please be sure to inform us of an updated mailing address.


Billy Joe
Jolly Properties