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New York Last Will and Testament Template

A New York last will and testament is an estate-planning document that directs how a person's real and personal property, fiduciary funds, digital assets, and other financial accounts will be distributed after death.
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Signing Requirements

Must be signed by at least two witnesses who must attest to the testator’s signature within a 30-day period and attach their residential addresses at the end of the will.[1]

State Definition

Will” is an oral declaration or written instrument, made as prescribed by 3-2.1 or 3-2.2 to take effect upon death, whereby a person disposes of property or directs how it shall not be disposed of, disposes of his body or any part thereof, exercises a power, appoints a fiduciary or makes any other provision for the administration of his estate, and which is revocable during his lifetime. Unless the context otherwise requires, the term “will” includes a “codicil”.[2]