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Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale Form

An Alabama firearm bill of sale is a document that allows an entity or individual to legally transfer ownership of a pistol or assault weapon. Although all individuals must have a concealed carry permit if they wish to handle handguns within Alabama, no permits are required to purchase a weapon.
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Privately Selling a Firearm

Any person may sell a firearm in a private sale.

Prohibited from Buying

The following people are not allowed to purchase a firearm:[1]

  • Those convicted of committing or attempting to commit a crime or misdemeanor offense of violence
  • Anyone who is subject to a valid protection order for domestic abuse
  • People of unsound mind
  • Non-exempt minors
  • People with habitual drug or alcohol addictions
  • People with intent to do bodily harm

Registering a Firearm

There is no background check, permit, or any type of registration required when an individual wants to own a pistol.

Concealed Carry

Carrying a concealed firearm is prohibited unless the carrier holds a pistol permit or has a permit from another State.

How to Apply

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of Alabama, and not have a criminal record that prohibits firearm ownership.

  1. Go to a local Sheriff’s office either online or in person. A background check will be required.
  2. Pay fees (depending on county) and wait up to 30 days for approval of the permit.
  3. Accept the pistol permit certificate, which may require pick up in person.


Alabama recognizes any concealed carry permit from another State.[2]