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Alabama Bill of Sale Forms

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The Alabama bill of sale forms transfers the possession of personal property from a seller to a buyer for an agreed upon trade. The conveyance is made permanent after both parties have signed this form and the items in the trade have been delivered to each party. It is important that each member of the transaction be recognized with State or Federal identification and an original copy be provided to all parties


Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale – According to Section 32-13-4 if it has been abandoned and towed the owners must be given at least thirty (30) days’ notice before being sold.

Firearm Bill of Sale – For any type of gun including pistols, rifles, etc.

General Bill of Sale – For any personal property such as a bicycle, equipment, trailer, animal, etc.

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – To transfer the ownership of a vehicle. The new owner must register within twenty (20) days or extra penalties/fees shall be charged.

Vessel/Boat Bill of Sale – The purchase and sale of a boat. The new owner must tag and register within fifteen (15) days from the sale date.

Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat Registration Forms

Can be Completed Online or by going to the Probate or License Office with the following: