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Arkansas Gun Bill of Sale Form

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Arkansas Gun Bill of Sale Form

Updated August 14, 2023

An Arkansas firearm bill of sale provides documentation that the legal sale or trade of a firearm has occurred in the state of Arkansas. It also proves the formal transfer of ownership of the firearm. The purchaser is not required to register the firearm with the state, but if they plan to concealed carry, they must apply for a concealed carry permit with the Arkansas State Police. This bill of sale does not require notarization.

Table of Contents

Privately Selling a Firearm

Any individual can privately sell a firearm in the state of Arkansas.

Prohibited from Buying

Under state law,[1] any person is banned from purchasing or owning a firearm in Arkansas if they have been:

  • Convicted of a felony*;
  • Adjudicated mentally ill; or
  • Committed involuntarily to any mental institution.

*The term “felony” in this case means any state or federal felony, excluding a federal or state felony offense for which the person convicted has completed their sentence and pertaining to an antitrust violation, an unfair trade practice, a restraint of trade, or any other offense relating to the regulation of business practices.

Registering a Firearm

Arkansas does not require the registration of firearms.

Concealed Carry

The state of Arkansas allows permitless concealed carry.

How to Apply

The age requirement for concealed carry in Arkansas is twenty-one (21) or eighteen (18) if the individual is an active-duty service member. Other concealed carry requirements[2] include U.S. citizenship, Arkansas residency for at least ninety (90) days prior to applying, freedom from mental illness and history of suicidal tendencies, lack of felony convictions and arrest warrants, no signs of chronic or habitual substance abuse, and completion of a firearms training and safety course.

Step 1 – Complete the online application for a concealed carry permit.

Step 2 – Include a $50 license fee. The fee is $25 if the applicant is sixty-five (65) years of age or older.

Step 3 – Attach a full set of fingerprints.

Step 4 – Attach a photograph of the applicant.


Any individual who possesses a legitimate concealed carry permit issued by another state is entitled to concealed carry under Arkansas law.[3]


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