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Arkansas Vehicle Power of Attorney Form 10-313 | Odometer Disclosure Statement

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The Arkansas Vehicle Power of Attorney Form 10-313 | Odometer Disclosure Statement is a legal, required document, that is used as part of the registration process. This document not only offers detailed information with regard to the sale of the vehicle, between two individuals or an entity and an individual but also discloses the true odometer reading of the vehicle as it shows on the control board of the vehicle being sold. Use caution when completing this form to be certain that the VIN and Odometer readings are accurate.

Registration of a Motor Vehicle in Arkansas

A vehicle in the state of Arkansas must be registered within 30 days of the purchase of the vehicle.

Registering Vehicles for the First Time or From Out of State – Your vehicle will be subject to a Vehicle Identification (VIN) inspection and must be completed to register your vehicle in Arkansas.

What Documentation is Needed? To complete registration in the state of Arkansas you will need to do and present the following:

  • You must appear in person at your local Dept. Revenue Office
  • If you’ve purchased from a private party, complete a Vehicle Registration Application (Form 10-381) – This document will what will be needed for both titling and registering your vehicle
  • If purchased from a dealership, you will need a copy of the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • If you’re leasing, you will need a signed copy of your lease agreement
  • If your vehicle is less than 10 years old, you must complete and you must enter the odometer reading on the back of the title.
  • OR
  • You may complete a State of Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Odometer Disclosure Statement Form (Form 10-313)
  • You will require proof from your county assessor’s office that your vehicle has been assessed or is listed for assessment during the current year
  • You must provide proof of insurance within the state of Arkansas, by an insurance agency licensed in the state.
  • You must provide proof that you are current with all personal property taxes
  • Your current Arkansas registration certificate
  • Be prepared to pay all fees during registration

Present all documentation, in person, to receive your registration and license plates

How To Write

Step 1 – Download and print the document provided

Step 2 – Section 1 – Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) –

  • In the first block on the form, carefully enter the Vehicle Identification Number as shown on the title of the vehicle being sold. Be certain to check it closely as you record it, as, if it’s not correct it will not show in the state system if it’s even one number off

Step 3 – Section 2 – Buyer Information – If this document is being completed by a company as opposed to two individuals, move directly to Section 3. Otherwise, if two individuals executing a private sale, enter the following information into section two:

  • The Buyer – 
  • First name
  • Middle initial
  • Last name
  • Physical Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Check the box below this section if there are multiple buyers involved in the sale or trade

Step 4 – Section 3 – Company Information – If the sale is happening between company and individual provide the following company information:

  • Company Name
  • Company’s Physical Address
  • City, State, Zip Code

Step 5 – Section 4 – Dealer or Individual Seller’s Information – Enter the following information:

  • Dealer/Seller Name
  • Physical Address
  • City, State, Zip Code

Step 6 – Section 5 – Purchase Date –

  • In the box provided, enter the date of the sale in mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 7 – Section 6 – Description of Vehicle – Enter the information with regard to the vehicle that is being purchased. If this is between two individuals, no “trade in” information is required:

  • Vehicle Information –
  • Vehicle Purchased
  • Make
  • Model
  • Primary Color of the vehicle
  • Secondary Code (If it applies)
  • Trade In Information (If being purchased from a company or dealership)
  • Vehicle Being Traded in
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Step 8 – Section 7 – Odometer Disclosure – Carefully record the information in the boxes. Be careful to be certain that the reading is accurate:

  • Print the seller’s name
  • Carefully record the odometer reading
  • Check the box(es)if either one or both of the boxes apply:
  • Exceeds Mechanical Limits
  • Warning – Odometer Discrepancy

Step 9 – Section 8 – Sales Price Information – Signatures – Enter the following:

  • Full sales price of vehicle
  • Less the trade in value (if you’re a dealer accepting a trade in)
  • Net taxable income
  • Seller and Buyer Signatures –
  • Print the seller’s name
  • Provide seller’s signature
  • Print the buyer’s name
  • Provide the buyer’s signature

Step 10 – Section 9 – All involved seller(s) and buyer(s) must read section 9’s warning about evading taxes

Once the document is completed, it may be a good idea to review both the VIN and the Odometer numbers to be certain that they are correct. Make copies of the document for record keeping purposes, give the original to the buyer.