Connecticut Bill of Sale Forms

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The Connecticut Bill of Sale Forms are legal documents provided by a seller to a buyer. These documents prove the purchase, trade, and transference of ownership of vehicles, vessels, firearms or any personal item(s) being purchased or sold. The transaction is permanent once all of the parties involved in the sale or trade, have signed the document(s). Many of these documents will require recognition by use of services from a notary public.

Types (3)

General Bill of Sale – To use for sales of personal items being sold between individuals.

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Firearm Bill of Sale – To be used for the sale of a firearm.

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Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale – For use of the sale of a motor vehicle or a motorized vessel.

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Connecticut Vehicle Registration Forms

  • Complete an Application for Registration and Certificate of Title (Form H-13)
  • The current Certificate of Title and registration certificate, if you’re registering a used vehicle in the state of CT
  • A Bill of Sale
  • A current Connecticut insurance identification card. An insurance ID card may be obtained from your insurance provider and must reflect your name
  • Identification, such as your:
  • Driver’s license
  • Learner’s permit
  • State ID card
  • Payment for your registration fees and any additional charges. See Fees to Register Your Car in CT

Connecticut Boat/Vessel Registration Forms

  • All boats that are motorized no matter the size
  • Any sailboats that are 19 1/2 ft or longer
  • Personal watercraft, to include a jet ski

First Time Registration – You will be required to appear in person with the following documents at your local CT. DMV Office:

  • Application for Vessel Registration and Certificate of Number or Decal (form B-148)
  • Proof of payment and transfer of ownership (bill of sale) whether purchased from a vessel dealership or an individual
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Personal ID or driver’s license
  • Federal law requires a hull number on all boats manufactured 1973 or later. The hull number must be provided upon application for the vessel/boat.  If the boat/vessel, has a “CT” number, (previous Connecticut registration), that number will remain with the vessel/boat and must be entered on the application.
  • Be prepared to pay your registration fees at the time of registration