Washington D.C. Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Washington D.C. bill of sale forms are legal documents that indicate personal property has transferred ownership in the District of Colombia. A bill of sale includes information about the seller and buyer, the property being transferred, and the purchase price.

Table of Contents

Types (4)

General Bill of Sale – This form is used to document the sale of personal property.


Vehicle Bill of Sale – This form indicates the sale of a vehicle.


Boat/Vessel Bill of Sale – This document reflects the purchase of a boat or vessel in Washington D.C.


Firearm Bill of Sale – This document is used to show that ownership of a firearm has transferred between parties.


Vehicle Registration Forms

  • Bill of Sale;
  • Original Certificate of Title;
  • Valid Photo ID;
  • Proof of Insurance (e.g. insurance card or certification letter);
  • Certificate of Vehicle Inspection in D.C.;
  • Vehicle Registration Application (VSA-14) or Application for Certificate of Title and Registration (VSA 17A);
  • Titling & Registration Fees;
  • Power of Attorney, if an agent is representing the owner in the registration process.

Boat/Vessel Registration Forms

  • Bill of Sale;
  • Application for Boat Certificate of Title/Registration (PD330);
  • Proof of Ownership from Seller (e.g. Title, Registration);
  • Valid Photo ID;
  • Registration Fees.